Friday, May 29

strawberry girls

This picture made possible by Old Navy and their $8 swimsuits. Or should I say swimsuit?

Thursday, May 28

Ty-guy in the morning

I love the sights, sounds and smells of this guy in the morning. One of the few times I get to hold him anymore is right after he's woken up. He lets me cuddle him, he puts his arms around me, his cheek next to mine--and then I put my nose into his neck and breathe in his scent.

When he's had enough cuddling he stands unmoving, slowly letting his brain process his surroundings in the light of morning.

Eventually his mouth starts to wake up, the dam of sleep breaks, and a steady stream of words flow out. And nothing gets them flowing quite as freely as a book about trucks. "YouhavetogetmethisoneformybirthdayIwantaJohnDeeretractor

Finally his tummy tells him it's time to eat. He eats approximately three bites of cereal, asks for milk in a sippy cup and retreats with his beloved blanket to his special place behind the toy box where he drinks his milk quietly.

Then half an hour later this beauty tumbles down the stairs and the whole process starts over again.

Tuesday, May 26

busy busy business

Guys, I am fighting a major case of the sleepies (Sleepys? Hard to know how to spell something when it's not a real word!) and have been all day. Being sick has really drained me. When I tried to resume my normal workout schedule yesterday...wooooo hoooo hoooo it was PATHETIC. And now one of my teeth is being all sensitive and jiggly and painful. Do you know what is dumb? Jeremy and I both have full dental coverage but we haven't been to the dentist in a few years. We should be going every six months because it's ALREADY PAID FOR! Yes, we are dumb. So with these two things I cannot think of anything entertaining, but fortunately I have some business to take care of. So listen up.

First, this one I have neglected for a long time and should have mentioned it awhile ago. I have a friend from high school who is serving in South Africa for the US Peace Corps. Jesse is part of a project to get some libraries put together, I believe he has two going in his village. The schools that will be receiving the libraries (there are 30 total) are raising about 40% of the money for it, but the volunteers are trying to raise the rest. So, if that's something you'd like to donate to and learn more about, you can do that here. This money goes to the shipping of the books since the books are free, provided by this organization.

Second, my very talented friend Jenn has started a cake decorating business. She makes the cutest cakes and is unfortunately moving before either of my kids birthdays or you know she would be making us some cakes. This is her blog where you can see all her cute cakes and figure out how to contact her so she can make one for you! She'll be in Utah for the next few months, but unfortunately (for us, not them), they'll be moving to Denver the beginning of August. So if you live in that area, look her up in a few months!

Lastly, do you read "Seriously, So Blessed"? If you're female, Mormon, and have ever lived in Utah or know people from Utah you should be reading it. However, if you have no sense of humor or cannot laugh at yourself, you should not be reading it. (And if you aren't Mormon, please don't think we are all the way she portrays her fictional character on the blog!) On the blog TAMN is holding her own version of "The Batchelor" called MoMatchelor. She's picked two guys and hundreds of girls were nominated to date them. It's been narrowed down to just a few now and one of my very best friends, Emily, is one of them. She's one of the girls from BYU that went to Phoenix with me and is all around awesome. So, what I'm getting at is that you should vote for her. Do it here. Make sure you vote for Emily B., not Emily M. I'm pretty confident that she'll win, which is great, but how do I know this Micah guy is good enough for her? I guess she'll just need the date to find out.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Remember when I asked you to guess this:

A few of you got it right--it's a thread rack. And we FINALLY got around to finishing it and hanging it. Now it has the pleasure of making me happy whenever I walk into my room. I love colors, so I love to see all my thread spools displayed and easy to get to instead of all jumbled up in a shoebox. Now if only my wall were some other color...

As you can see, I have a lot of space to fill. And what a coincidence, it's my birthday next month! A spool of thread in an incredibly fun color (especially if it's not practical) would be an awesome and cheap gift--just sayin'. Except you Jeremy, you have to give me something more than a spool of thread.

Alright, that's enough business. Sorry for the long post, but just thought I'd let you know about a few of my awesome friends who could use a little extra help.

Friday, May 22

Why I never want to move*

The pool opened this last Tuesday. I'm a little disappointed in myself that it took us this long to get out there. But I figured it was best to keep my germy self out of the waters. So today was finally the day. It was perfect--it was fantastic! And then Alexis had issues (which involved a tantrum, a bad attitude, and A LOT of screaming), and nearly ruined the first swim for everyone around. But it was good in a way because I learned I don't like being a mean mom. Part of me was starting to suspect--and even fear--that maybe I did like being a mean mom because I've gotten pretty good at it. Anyway, then we got over it and swam some more. And now I'm enjoying the benefits of a good long swim: a good long nap by BOTH kids!
*We live in a townhouse so someday we will HAVE to move, but odds are Jeremy will be dragging me by my hair to get me out of here. And you know I'll be kicking and screaming. Unless of course he can promise me my own sewing room, then maybe I won't scream.

Thursday, May 21


So yesterday was Wordless Wednesday, sorry I missed it. I was sick, curled up on the couch all day (except to change an occasional diaper or throw the kids some food), and posting would have been too much work.

Today I'm feeling *mostly* better, so the kids and I are going to head out and wander the neighborhood. Stir-crazy would be an understated description of them.

While I'm wandering, tell me your thoughts on John Steinbeck, as an author. I'm currently reading East of Eden, and in high school I read Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men. That's as far as my experience with him goes, but I'm aware some people love him and some people hate him. So which side are you on, and why (if you've got one)? If you haven't read him I'd recommend it, though be warned his books are not light and fluffy and his topics aren't sunshine and roses.

Tuesday, May 19

Later that morning...

It'll wash, it'll wash, it'll wash!

What are really wet clumps of sand good for? Throwing at the glass door, duh! Thanks Tyler and Hayden.


When summer comes, my mantra becomes (for the sanity of all those involved): It'll wash. It'll wash. It'll wash.

Of course he sat in it

After all, he's a little boy. Getting dirty is what they do.

Thursday, May 14

how about I share my fun day with you all?

Tyler is sick. He's really congested, he's got a cough and a fever and a major case of the grumps. Which means our house has turned into WHINE CENTRAL. Tyler whines. Alexis whines. Tyler whines some more. Alexis whines some more. And then I whine to you all.

Here's a small sample of the things Tyler claims to have forgotten how to do while he's been sick: walk up the stairs, be nice, eat, find anything he's looking for, watch TV, play with toys, and sleep in until a reasonable hour. Fortunately he hasn't forgotten how to squirt diarrhea on my floor, and he even picked up a new skill: how to dump a whole lot of sand into his diaper and mix it in real good with diarrhea. Do you wish I'd stop talking about diarrhea? So do I.

So, since he's been sick and we can't go anywhere there are people, we retreated to the mountains. Two of us were still basically in pajamas when I said, "Get in the car, we're going for a drive. And it's going to be a silent drive!" Turns out it wasn't silent (I can dream, right?), but there wasn't any fighting. We drove up the canyon, parked at a reservoir, I rolled down the windows and let the kids stick their heads out to look at the water. Fun, huh? Then we drove home and did nothing for the next 6 hours.

I guess technically not "nothing". I didn't get dressed or put on any make-up and Tyler's still in his pajamas, but we did watch a lot of TV, and Alexis and I made her a tiny little purse. Then we sat in the hammock and Alexis gave me what she called "a pedicure of making your hair pretty", also known as a ponytail. And then we took pictures in the backyard with her purse. We all took turns taking some pictures.

Also, here's a picture of Tyler sleeping on his grandma yesterday. He wore this new shirt yesterday and Oh My Goodness was he handsome in it. Handsome but sickly.

And then here's a picture of Alexis at her dance recital last week, I still haven't put the video on the computer, and to be honest, I may never. But didn't she look cute? I tried to blur the face of the little girl she's hugging because I don't even know who she is, but that seemingly simple task is beyond my photo shop skills. I like this picture because it is a true representation of how Alexis is. She makes friends EVERYWHERE she goes and is hugging them within minutes, and then they are BFF's before she leaves.

Now, I've got big plans for the night. They involve the gym and watching The Office. And hopefully no diarrhea.

Wednesday, May 13

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday

I had to post this picture, taken several years ago when Alexis was a baby, of Jeremy's Grandma Wall. She passed away this morning. I hope her reunion, with her husband and with all her faculties, is sweet. Everyone LOVES Grandma Wall.

Sunday, May 10

On this day for mothers...

Things I LOVE about my mom:
***Her sense of humor (she gave me mine--the more sarcastic half)***Her intelligence, particularly her gospel knowledge***The fact that she thinks Jeremy is one of the greatest guys in the world (cause so do I)***The kind of grandma she is--crazy, fun, and always has time for her grandkids***Her common sense and the fact that people know they can open up to her and turn to her for advice***That she is always available to help me--without her I may not have survived Tyler's baby days***Her creative ideas that improve anything she is asked to do ***How hard she works when she develops a passion for something (i.e. family history, CHADD, temple service and missionary work in the employment center)***The hard work and dedication she put into being a mother and a wife, and the peaceful feeling that has always been in our home because she worked to keep it there.***That she loves me despite the fact that this year all I did for her was write this and buy her a root beer float from Wendy's!

Things I LOVE about my mother-in-law:
***She raised Jeremy (and all her kids) to be honest, hard working, kind, generous, and full of faith***She has welcomed me into her family as if I was one of her own***She has an excellent work ethic and always sees a job through to not just completion, but perfection***The kind of grandma she is--thoughtful, fun, and helps carry out traditions (which I tend to drop the ball on)***She is a great example to me of charity and respect for all people***She's brave and does things she might not necessarily want to do, because they need to be done***She's raised 7 children and somehow has managed to give them all individual attention and supports them all in their many endeavors***She knows a lot of stuff, if I ever have a question she can answer it***We have common interests***People always feel welcome when they are around her, and she can talk to just about anyone!
(I swear they do love Alexis too, I just don't have much pictorial proof)

Things I LOVE about being a mom:
***Kisses and hugs***The influence I have over my children***The thought of their potential, and the challenge given to me to help them reach it***Songs sung all day in sweet voices with wrong lyrics***Spending my day surrounded by innocence and play***Having mother's intuition***Being the one they turn to when things go wrong, and especially when things go right***The way I am challenged and stretched EVERY DAY***Bouquets of yellow dandelions***Holding little hands, folding little clothes, wiping little bums***Having first hand knowledge of just how special kids really are***Experiencing swells of pride whenever they do ANYTHING good or cute or new***Having a day set aside for me where Jeremy makes the meals and buys me bubble bath.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 7

purse pattern

I made this purse last week from a free pattern I found online. I've had enough people ask for a link to the instructions that I can't remember who all I said I'd email it to. So I'm posting it here, hopefully they'll find it!

I had a lot of fun making this and love how it turned out. I'll probably make another one for myself when I get rid of my projects list. Or before--you know how I am. But here's the link! Most of the instructions were clear, but there were a few I had to ponder for awhile to figure out. Let me know if you have questions, I might be able to help!

The kids and I are going to Las Vegas today for a certain brothers graduation from law school, and a certain sister-in-laws graduation from UNLV. Poor Jeremy will be here and lonely and feeling a little bad that I keep leaving him to do fun things, so if you are feeling charitable bring him a yummy treat!

Also, I am sad about Tyler's hair. It was my idea, and I immediately regretted it. But he does look cute, it'll be easy to manage in the summer, and it WILL grow back fast. Apparently we are on the yearly haircut plan with our children.

Lastly, Alexis had a dance recital (technically a rehearsal but she's going to be missing the recital) last night and it was chaos and cute all wrapped up in a noisy dancing package. I'll probably post a video when I get back.

Tuesday, May 5


The 11 of us, wishing Giselle were there...

I had a weekend so fun, I can't even describe it, though I can try: relaxing, funny, entertaining, goofy, comfortable, nice, delicious, silly, achy, joyous, delightful, invaluable, cheerful, refreshing, cozy, easy, wacky, snug, hilarious, merry, amusing, noisy, priceless, laughable, uproarious, boisterous, rare, cherished, FULL of LAUGHTER, and once again, priceless.

Almost 9 years ago I met the greatest group of girls when I moved into the dorms at BYU. I've mentioned them before, but I have to tell you that they are some of the most remarkable women I know, and I'm not just saying that. There are 12 of us that keep in contact still, and out of that, 11 of us made our way to a resort in Scottsdale this weekend for a reunion of sorts. We've seen each other now and then, but never in a group this big, and never for this long of a time. And again, I can't even tell you how much fun we had.

It's remarkable to me that we've stayed in contact over this many years, but what's even more remarkable is that when we get together we just pick up and carry on as if no time has passed since the last time we've seen each other. It had been several years since I'd seen some of them, or only a few months since I'd seen others and yet it felt like no time had passed. But even more incredible is that in a group that size we all feel comfortable with one another--cliques don't form, there's none of that exclusive feel that tends to happen with women. We love each other, we are crazy together, we say stupid things in front of each other, we can talk about ANYTHING, and we have more fun than people should be allowed to have. Also, there's a chance that we all still have the maturity levels of a 12 year old (or maybe that's just when we're together?).

Did I mention they are all beautiful, inside and out? Check out the pictures, you'll see for yourself. Some stats about the twelve of us: we all graduated with a bachelors, one is in the process of getting her doctorate, and one has her masters (I think), and another is almost done with her masters program. 1 served a full time mission for the LDS church. 5 of us have kids (2 each), 2 are pregnant with their first, both due on the same day, both having boys. One is starting the adoption process. 10 of us are married (all in the temple), ranging from 6+ years to less than a year. One has already retired from a successful career, one is starting her own business. 5 live in Utah, 2 in California, 1 in Texas, 1 in Idaho, 1 in Maryland, 1 in Washington, and 1 in Arizona. Did I leave anything out ladies?

Now here's a whole lot of pictures:
Jennie, Natalee, Karly, Lisa, Emily, Shauna, Rachel, Reina, Maren, Jessica, Meredeth

Very tired by the end of the weekend

We hiked Camelback Mountain, Rachel and I had a great idea to slide down the poles...

I have no balance.

It took us awhile to get to the top because we stopped to take A LOT of pictures...

At the top. Gladriel joined us for the hike.

Cheesecake Factory

LOTS of time spent at the pool and hot tub
And of course a big thanks to Jeremy for taking over my duties at home so I could go. And to my in-laws who fed my family most of their meals while I was gone!
On an unrelated note, there is an almost unrecognizable human being living in my house...stay tuned for my Wordless Wednesday.