Friday, May 29

strawberry girls

This picture made possible by Old Navy and their $8 swimsuits. Or should I say swimsuit?


Reynolds Family said...

Love it, love it, love it!

Please email me a copy sometime. This is soooo cute!

BTW, did I ever email you copies of the pics from temple square??

The Olsen Family said...

I saw you guys all swimming and it looked like so much fun! I just got my first blog/blurp book back. I will have to bring it over and show you. Thanks for you help getting me started.

Karly said...

Cutest picture ever!! Do those suits come in our size?

Jessica Munk said...

So cute! And funny!
PS I am working on doing a blurb book too, any advice you could offer?

KinsRae said...

Cute, I want the one with the cherries for my girls. Love old navy. Let me know when you go swimming.. Averee begs me to call Alexis every time we walk past the pool.