Wednesday, April 29

Monday, April 27


We went to the Supercross on Saturday night and loved it! Tyler was mesmerized by the motorcycles, especially when we saw a few of them up close, but he spent half the night looking like this:
He was scared of the fireworks that went off in the beginning and suspected that they could happen at any time so he was just trying to be prepared.

And then later, when the main event was about to start he knew they'd be setting off big bursts of flames, so he prepared himself like this:

Alexis was there too, but she mostly ran around with the other kids that came too.


Also this weekend I realized that I am a really really terrible pancake flipper. It's pretty pathetic. Also, I'm no good at making omelets. I cannot fold the egg over without it breaking apart. So we eat a lot of scrambled eggs with omelet fillings thrown in.

And the war with the bees is back on. They seem to like my BBQ, and I like burning them up. If you have any surefire ways of getting rid of bees/hornets/wasps please tell me. I'm tired of standing out there with my shoe and hitting every single one I see. Seriously.

And lastly, what is the matter with youth these days? Come on parents, step up your game because there are a lot of really sorry pre-teen and teenagers walking around out there and I don't think it's fully their fault...yet.

Saturday, April 25


When it comes to projects I have the attention span of a three year old. I have no problem coming up with things I want to make, but when it comes time to actually make them, I lose interest incredibly quickly. On my sewing desk right now I have: material for three bags cut out and ready to be sewn, patterns for two skirts that I want to make for myself, a pieced quilt that I've partially quilted together, pieces to a table runner that I'm making for my quilting "class", and the pattern and pieces cut out to a tent and sleeping bag for Alexis' barbies.

The problem is that I tend to overwhelm myself. I start to think something is going to be too much work, or too hard so I start in on something else. Or I think something else needs to be done before other things do, so I start but never finish projects. It's annoying. Because then, when I have this many things pile up I really become overwhelmed and just can't start on any of them. That's how I get with the kitchen too. When it's really dirty I just freeze and leave it for days until Jeremy gets so sick of it that he works on it. THEN I can help because someone else made the first move. I'm weird like that, and I'm sure Jeremy LOVES that particular quirk of mine.

So, with all these projects piling up, I of course decided to start a new one. I bought fabric to make Alexis three skirts, and I've actually made two of them. I'd say that counts as finished because in all honesty I probably won't get around to making the third.

These were quick and easy to make, which is why I had a chance at finishing them. If you want to give it I a try I found the instructions here. Oh, and I added muslin to the top portion to line it and make it a little less see through.

Remember how Alexis likes to model? She came up with these poses on her own, and she actually had some really good ones.

p.s. Jeremy made me something AWHILE ago that I'm really excited about, but it isn't done yet because he left part of it up to me to do. I had to sand part of it, a small part really, and I just didn't want to. But I finally did it today, and then I painted it (and the inside of my throat I'm pretty sure). When it's all dry and performing it's function I'll show you what it is, but here's a hint:

Thursday, April 23


5 years ago today was my graduation ceremony at BYU. Because of my years in school, mainly college, spring will always feel like the end of things, like a time when life changes.

My first year in college I lived in the dorms and had one of the best years of my life. It's a year I would relive if I had the chance, but not change anything (well, maybe one or two small things). I lived, and became good friends with so many great people, most of whom I still stay in contact with and count as some of my dearest friends. There's a special bond that forms when you live with people, when you're 18/19 years old and still growing up, and when you're away from home for the first time that just can't happen any other time. Because of that bond, those girls I lived with will always be tied to me, even if it's just in my memories. At the end of that year, in April, I went home to work for the summer. It was the end of a carefree year (school work...what school work??) and it was a change back to the old ways. I loved being home with my family, but it was hard to return to rules and housework and having to call friends instead of walking right next door to find them.

(most of us...but not when we were 19)

But still, I was lucky. I made good friends that summer too, some that I will always consider my friends, no matter the changes we go through, where we live, or how often we talk to each other.

When I returned to school I was reunited with my friends, but things were different, as they are always expected to be. And I found Jeremy. When April rolled around again I didn't go home--I stayed and planned a wedding.

The next year of school was very different, but fun in the way new things always are. I had a husband that I talked to after classes instead, and I didn't have any one's clothes to borrow when I was tired of mine--though that made it a lot easier to keep track of all of my clothes too! In April we planned out our summer together. No going home, no wedding, just work and a few classes and our first significant amount of time spent apart (5 days--it was hard!).

Then school started again, our most stressful and emotional year yet, and also our last. It started out great, but half way through the year it became a trial. I took some of my hardest classes, I got pregnant, my brother died, and Jeremy started working full time. I hope I never forget the relief I felt at the end of this day 5 years ago, standing in my cap and gown. Even though I technically still had an online class to finish, the stress was gone--there's nothing like the feeling of knowing that you've finally finished the long process that is formal education. And for us it was a time of big change. We had four short months to prepare ourselves for one of the biggest life changing experiences--parenthood.

So every April when the sun shines a little more and I can awaken my sleepy soul from its winter hibernation, I think of what's ending and look ahead to what's beginning. This year, it's the end of my 5 years of schedule free parenting. In August Alexis will start her own formal education and our lives will change again. But I'm grateful that I have the whole summer to prepare myself for it because it's going to be a hard change for me to make.

Does anybody else feel this way about April? What's changing for you?

Wednesday, April 22

Sunday, April 19


On Saturday Jeremy and I passed a homeless man on the side of the road with a very large sign. It was probably the largest sign I've ever seen a homeless person holding, and it said the usual, plus this phrase at the end: "I'd rather beg than steal". To which Jeremy replied, "I'd rather steal!" Personally, I think I'd rather beg, but that's because I am not a rule breaker. So...


Thursday, April 16

sometime during the night

...this happened:

And Jeremy thought it was funny to tell me about it FIRST thing in the morning. The FIRST thing he said to me was "did you look outside?" with a goofy little grin on his face.

My poor hammock. My poor soul. My poor husband who's going to find the locks changed when he comes home.

Wednesday, April 15

Tuesday, April 14

do your best rain dance please

Today is a gloom and doom sort of day, which fits the mood I've been in the past few weeks. What is it with me? I have been grumpy and impatient for awhile and I can't seem to shake it. I'm hoping my vacation at the end of the month will cure it...

I've been up since 6 AM, but at 10 AM it still only looked like it was about 8 AM outside because of the clouds. Let me tell you my opinion on the rain: I LOVE it. BUT, after a few days of drizzles I really crave some KABOOM. Where is the thunder? Where is the lightning? Where is the downpour that soaks you the second you step out in it? Where is the rain that makes me turn off the radio in the car so I can listen to it on the roof? Where is the rain that I love to watch through my window, curled on my bed with my kids? That is what I want to see (and I don't want to see anymore snow).

So now you know how I feel about rain. And now you know about my bad mood and why I haven't said anything funny or posted much on here lately. To sum it up: Rain, rain, come in force; bad mood, leave! of course. Oh what a cheesy rhymer I am--maybe that's why you people stick around??

Or is it to see more of these?
I believe the word "stud" was invented for the purpose of describing Tyler. Also, I think the tie the Easter Bunny brought makes him look short.

And where did this child come from?

Seriously, when I'm told that someone is taking a picture of me I try my hardest to not look too stupid and count the seconds until it's over. But when Alexis is told to smile for a picture, she poses and holds it so you can take more than one.

Too bad I'm trying to raise her to have some standards because without them she'd be great on America's Next Top Model.


p.s. if you are in my ward, here's a reminder that I'm teaching bread making at my house tonight, 7 PM. Come eat some delicious bread, that is, if I don't screw it up!

Friday, April 10


I'm going to take a minute and tell you about how great my husband is (have I told you I HATE the word "hubby"?) Jeremy's a bit of an unsung hero on this blog because I don't mention him much--but he is definitely the backbone of the operation we call our family. Jeremy is gone from home 12 hours a day, 5 days a week--he works long hours at work, and he works really hard while he's there (and even when he's not!). He's been doing this basically ever since we were married, so we don't really know any other way, but the long hours leave him with very little free time. One of the best things about Jeremy is that even though he gets up early, even though he's on his feet most of the day, even though he is usually short on patience and his brain is tired when he gets home, he still gives his all to his family. He doesn't just come home, turn on the TV and tune us out. He plays with the kids, he helps with things around the house, he performs his church responsibilities. And he puts up with my attitude, which some days, should really earn him some sort of medal.

He has plenty of interests and hobbies, that if he didn't have a family, he'd have plenty of time to participate in. But as it is, he rarely has time to do the things he wants to do, but I don't hear him complain about it. And this week, when I was gone for the night, he spent several of his precious free time hours, taking apart our dryer and cleaning it out. As a result, it doesn't smell like fire anymore! Which is such a huge relief! Let me repeat that: MY DRYER WORKS BECAUSE OF HIM!

Jeremy is good for me in so many ways, but one of them is that he's a problem solver. And I most definitely am not. When a problem comes my way I tend to try and ignore it, hoping that it will go away. And, here's a surprise, it usually doesn't. That's when Jeremy steps in and helps me fix it. Can you imagine what kind of shape I'd be in right now if I didn't have him?

And another thing I love about him? He doesn't retaliate when I dump cold water on him while he's showering (hint hint Jeremy). Isn't that sweet?

Wednesday, April 8

Tuesday, April 7

we're on fire, he's on a roll

Last week my dryer broke. It tumbled and tumbled and tumbled, but it didn't heat. Which was unfortunate because it was about 10 pm, there was a load of damp whites in it, and a load of very wet clothes in the wash. And the next day was snowy so it wasn't even an option to hang my clothes outside to dry. Jeremy scouted the classifieds (which he loves doing, coincidentally) and we bought a dryer for $25. I planned on it being old. I planned on it being ugly. I planned on it being dirty. I hoped it would at least be the same color as the washer--it wasn't. What I didn't plan on was it smelling like fire every time it ran for a few minutes. So now I have two dryers: one doesn't heat, the other does but I'm too afraid to use it. Anyone want to come over and fix either one for us?


Alexis has reached the age where she doesn't like people laughing at her, or telling funny stories about her. Which is really too bad because she does a lot of funny things. On Sunday we were driving home from my parents and she asked why she's not allowed to watch Mulan on Sunday. She thinks she should because they wear dresses in Mulan and we wear dresses to church on Sunday. I told her it's not what they wear, its what the movie makes you think about, and that determines what we watch on Sunday. Knowing what I wanted to hear, she said, "Well, Mulan makes me think about China and Jesus." Jeremy and I both busted up laughing and she immediately yelled "DON'T LAUGH AT THAT!!" Which of course makes us laugh harder.


I'm not sure Tyler's remaining teeth will survive his toddlerhood. The child is crazy and I think a little accident prone. On Saturday his dresser nearly fell on him (it's short), and he saved it by having his little finger wedged between the two drawers. It hurt I'm sure, but a lot less than if the whole thing had actually landed on him. And within 5 minutes of that he was standing on the stool in the kitchen, somehow fell off, and pulled a whole lot of stuff down too, including a light bulb that shattered on the floor. I promise, our house is not as dangerous as it sounds. But Tyler is as dangerous as he sounds.


I've been reading a lot of good books lately, but the books I seem to pick out are always kind of dark. They either take place during a time of war (and all the bad things associated with it) or they are about people with crazy (abusive, neglected, literally crazy) backgrounds. They are good, but it starts to bring me down a bit if I read too many like that in a row. So I'm in need of some book recommendations. Something light and fluffy, but not so fluffy that I want to throw up. Do you know what I mean? Something pleasant, please. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 1

A conversation that perfectly describes their personalities

Today while playing play-doh:

Me: What are you making over there Alexis? (actually I called her Shrimp-a-doodle)

Alexis: I'm making a Snow White out of animals and a fairy queen too.

Tyler: (while ripping apart a huge clump of play-doh) I'm not making anything! I'm RIPPING it!

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