Friday, April 10


I'm going to take a minute and tell you about how great my husband is (have I told you I HATE the word "hubby"?) Jeremy's a bit of an unsung hero on this blog because I don't mention him much--but he is definitely the backbone of the operation we call our family. Jeremy is gone from home 12 hours a day, 5 days a week--he works long hours at work, and he works really hard while he's there (and even when he's not!). He's been doing this basically ever since we were married, so we don't really know any other way, but the long hours leave him with very little free time. One of the best things about Jeremy is that even though he gets up early, even though he's on his feet most of the day, even though he is usually short on patience and his brain is tired when he gets home, he still gives his all to his family. He doesn't just come home, turn on the TV and tune us out. He plays with the kids, he helps with things around the house, he performs his church responsibilities. And he puts up with my attitude, which some days, should really earn him some sort of medal.

He has plenty of interests and hobbies, that if he didn't have a family, he'd have plenty of time to participate in. But as it is, he rarely has time to do the things he wants to do, but I don't hear him complain about it. And this week, when I was gone for the night, he spent several of his precious free time hours, taking apart our dryer and cleaning it out. As a result, it doesn't smell like fire anymore! Which is such a huge relief! Let me repeat that: MY DRYER WORKS BECAUSE OF HIM!

Jeremy is good for me in so many ways, but one of them is that he's a problem solver. And I most definitely am not. When a problem comes my way I tend to try and ignore it, hoping that it will go away. And, here's a surprise, it usually doesn't. That's when Jeremy steps in and helps me fix it. Can you imagine what kind of shape I'd be in right now if I didn't have him?

And another thing I love about him? He doesn't retaliate when I dump cold water on him while he's showering (hint hint Jeremy). Isn't that sweet?


Bri said...

as always lisa i totally agree. he is one of the neatest people i have ever known. which is fitting cause i think you are quite a catch yourself. yay for amazing husbands who put up with!
go thayne

Cindy said...

You did get a great one, didn't you?
But, I think he got a great one too!!!

Merrick said...

ugh...I HATE the word "hubby" too!!

Reynolds Family said...

We think Jeremy is pretty great, too, and so are you Lisa! I am SO HAPPY that your dryer is working! And thanks for the idea about dumping cold water while in the shower. I never thought of that before, but it would be a fun trick to play some day when I'm feeling mischievous. Hee hee hee

Ashley said...

haha... the "non" retaliating jeremy is one i've never met! good luck with that one!

Anonymous said...

ashley, he may not dump cold water on lisa during the shower, but he does enjoy putting the occasional ice cube down her back. which keeps him up there on the Greatest Son-In-Law list!! all the rest of the stuff lisa said is also true. YEAH JEREMY! (imagine the sound of clapping)

Giselle said...

You are so funny! I can totally picture you dumping cold water on your husband in the shower. That's a good idea. I want to try that sometime.