Tuesday, April 14

do your best rain dance please

Today is a gloom and doom sort of day, which fits the mood I've been in the past few weeks. What is it with me? I have been grumpy and impatient for awhile and I can't seem to shake it. I'm hoping my vacation at the end of the month will cure it...

I've been up since 6 AM, but at 10 AM it still only looked like it was about 8 AM outside because of the clouds. Let me tell you my opinion on the rain: I LOVE it. BUT, after a few days of drizzles I really crave some KABOOM. Where is the thunder? Where is the lightning? Where is the downpour that soaks you the second you step out in it? Where is the rain that makes me turn off the radio in the car so I can listen to it on the roof? Where is the rain that I love to watch through my window, curled on my bed with my kids? That is what I want to see (and I don't want to see anymore snow).

So now you know how I feel about rain. And now you know about my bad mood and why I haven't said anything funny or posted much on here lately. To sum it up: Rain, rain, come in force; bad mood, leave! of course. Oh what a cheesy rhymer I am--maybe that's why you people stick around??

Or is it to see more of these?
I believe the word "stud" was invented for the purpose of describing Tyler. Also, I think the tie the Easter Bunny brought makes him look short.

And where did this child come from?

Seriously, when I'm told that someone is taking a picture of me I try my hardest to not look too stupid and count the seconds until it's over. But when Alexis is told to smile for a picture, she poses and holds it so you can take more than one.

Too bad I'm trying to raise her to have some standards because without them she'd be great on America's Next Top Model.


p.s. if you are in my ward, here's a reminder that I'm teaching bread making at my house tonight, 7 PM. Come eat some delicious bread, that is, if I don't screw it up!


Lindsey said...

I have been looking forward to bread making for two weeks now, and last minute we had to drive to Logan to see Andy's brother. I am very disappointed. I hope you had a great turn out anyway.

MorgAnnie said...

I'm bummed I missed out on the bread thing, I forgot to write it down and now it's Wednesday. :(

Darla said...

Hope you get this (do you get notified when someone new comments, anyway?). Your kids are adorable!! I think I want Cole's new church shoes to be Converse. Too studly. And the whole posing for the pic, Alexis? Loved it! Sorry about the lame Utah weather. I always thought it was lame, that winter lasted too long, and I'm glad we don't live there. Now, how to find something better? Who knows? Pricey So. Cal?