Thursday, June 21


At the end of April I was lucky enough to fly to Southern California for a reunion with friends from college.  The last one was three years ago, I wrote about it here.  Instead of 11 of us this year, we only had 7.  We missed all those that weren't able to come, and it definitely had some different dynamics than the last time, but it was still so much fun and such a good experience.

I didn't even take a camera, so the only pictures I have are the ones the others have shared (hint hint), but I'll remember the trip even without pictures.  We stayed at a Marriott Resort in Newport Beach, went to the pool, swam in the ocean, did some sightseeing, and talked a lot.  The thing that is so great is that the subjects we cover as we talk vary so greatly because we talk about everything with each other.  That is especially remarkable because I hadn't seen half of them in several years, but we are all able to pick right up and carry on as if the years in between had never happened.  I count my association with each one of these women as one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I'm not saying that lightly.  And I'm extra grateful for a husband and a mother who are so willing to take over for me when I do things like this!  So until April 2015 (when we'll all be {almost}33!)...

Monday, June 11

Some YouTube goodness

I've mentioned my brother-in-law (Eric Thayne) before and shared some of the things he's up to, and here he is again!  In this video, he and another guy (Caleb Blood) are performing a mashup of two songs, Payphone and Call Me Maybe.

You should subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can see all the fun videos he's putting up without me having to introduce them to you.  Here's another one that I love, this time he's with my sister-in-law (his sister, Ashley).