Thursday, February 28

lookin' pretty

We've had temperatures approaching the 50's the last few days, so in the spirit of warm weather the kids got out some of their summer attire.

Clearly, we are not above doing potentially embarrassing things to our children.

Friday, February 22


Both kids are sick. I've hardly left the house since last Friday. There has been a lot of whining and crying by just about everyone that lives here, and A LOT of fighting between Tyler and Alexis. It's snowing...again. Our car broke. While in the process of getting it fixed Jeremy brought home this for me to drive:That's his idea of a joke. It has been dubbed the "silly yellow car" here. I'm tired. Lunch has been a disaster. We are all going to take naps. Wake me when it becomes possible to have a rational conversation with a toddler.

*Being the optimist that I am, I can't leave this entry on a bad note. And, so you can all stop worrying over it already, we did get both our computer and our DVR fixed. So breath easy everyone.

Thursday, February 21

yellow plastic pillow

Today I experienced a little deja vu. I caught Tyler doing this: And I had to take a picture because when Alexis was the exact same age, we captured this:Same hairstyle and everything. Except that chair has sure faded in color over the last two years.

Monday, February 18

Ode to Play-Doh

The Lord blessed us with imaginations,
And Hasbro gave us Play-Doh
With which to build our creations:

A penguin, a dolphin, a turtle (with hair!),
A star, a slide, a bee, and a cake.
But more importantly, a trap, used to ensnare,
All those snakes that are so easy to make.

The quiet that comes from a can of that stuff
Is like a chorus of angels singing...silently.
Even the little boy, normally so tough,
Plays with his sister a little less violently.

So on this cold wintry day, Play-Doh you are "da bomb".
And I want to thank you so sincerely,
For you make everyone happy, most especially the mom!

Friday, February 15

the time when everything breaks

So I guess my DVR decided to reject my invitation to be my Valentine. It could have just said no, but insted it decided to break and probably delete everything we had recorded on it. I'm not sure yet because I can't get a hold of the guy who's supposed to fix it and I'm not going to pay DISH network to send a technician out because it's not my fault it's broken. The response to "why do I have to pay for it? It's not my fault it's broken!"? "It's no one's fault ma'am, so we charge the client when it's a technical problem". Horrible, horrible idea. Jeremy works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and when a customer calls because their tire has just blown out and they are too dumb to fix it (like I would probably be), he goes and trades them cars and fixes the tire himself, and does he charge them anything? No, because it's not their fault the tire blew. Oh boy, you shouldn't have gotten me started.

What else is broken?

My computer. I got a dumb virus that has wreaked havoc on the thing and now who knows when it will be up and running again.

What else is broken?

Tyler. He has RSV. If you don't know, that's a serious serious cold for little kids that gets in their lungs. Which means he's miserable and contagious, so we're stuck in the house.

As trivial as some of these complaints are, I think my limits are being tested.

Tuesday, February 12

(insert clever title here)

Sorry it's been almost a week since my last post, and sorry my last several have been sort of lame. I think my brain fell out. It's probably under the couch. I should go look for that.

Alexis and I have been making valentine's for her school party tomorrow. She did a lot of the cutting, all the paint work, all the glitter work, and wrote her name BY HERSELF on every single one (all 4 of them)! Here's what they look like. These are your virtual valentines, just ignore the names written next to "to".Jeremy thinks I "cheated" and held her hand while she wrote this one below. However, I never cheat; Jeremy does, which is why he's so suspicious. I did help her on the first "s", but she was mad that I helped her so she wrote the second one by herself.It's good practice for her but she could have written "haovewsoxzoenmwn" and her classmates wouldn't have known, they can't read either.

What else have we been up to?? Hmmmm. I watched a semi scary movie that I taped off tv (have I ever mentioned just how much I LOVE my DVR? I've asked it to be my valentine this year...sorry Jeremy), which is a big deal for me because I. DO. NOT. WATCH. SCARY. MOVIES! And so far it hasn't given me nightmares. But you know what has? Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I finished watching that show the other night and said to Jeremy, and I quote, "If all tv shows made you feel that good after you watch them, then the world would be a better place". I'm sure the solution to world peace is that simple. In this particular episode they built a new house for a Marine who was a single father and had lost his leg in Iraq. Then that night I had a very weird/creepy/freaky dream that I cut off Tyler's right leg below the knee. There's a million details to it that I could bore/scare you with, but just know that all was righted in the end. But it was one of those dreams you cry through and then are afraid to wake up from because you aren't entirely sure it's only a dream. I've never been more happy to see Tyler's little stumpy legs than I was yesterday morning.

On Sunday we went to a luncheon type thing for family and friends of J's cousins that are leaving on their missions this week. During lunch Alexis was running all over the place when she noticed a large group of 19 year old boys gathering to take a picture. When I say large I mean like 20-30 boys. They were arranging themselves on the stairs when Alexis walks over to them, places herself right in the front and smiles for the picture. Which they take, without anyone telling her to move, cause that's my job right? But I was in the back, too busy laughing. I've requested a copy of the picture, hopefully I'll be able to post it if I ever get my hands on one.

We also saw the Harlem Globetrotters last night. This is the second time we've seen them, and we took Alexis this time. It's a pretty entertaining show, but I think it's almost more fun to watch the 10 year old boys in the audience as they watch the show. It's so exciting for them...will the globetrotters gain the lead or will this be the first time in 32 years that the generals beat them??? Oh the suspense.

And here's another youtube video that is kind of funny. I was going to email it to my brother because I thought he'd like it and he needs something to do while he's in all those boring law classes, but since I know he reads this and I'm already here, this is easier.
Some of you will probably think it's dumb, but Aaron will appreciate all the little annoyances.

And the best news of all, the SUN came out! I've spent the last few days laying on the living room floor soaking up the sun, traveling without a coat, and kissing the grass that has emerged.

But tomorrow it snows. Wish me luck.

Thursday, February 7

A little potty humor...

Alexis loves youtube, and her favorite videos always seem to include Japanese people. Here's one of her recent favorites. I'm sparing you the pain of the "hahahahahahahahaha" video, which is her other favorite (you can find it here, if you like torturing yourself). Keep in mind this video is a toilet training video, so if you have problems with animated poo, don't watch it.

Also, if it snows one more time here I'm going to fling myself off a building.

Monday, February 4

at least he won't have to change his last name...

The Courtship
The Proposal

The Rejection

The 2nd "Proposal"

The Acceptance

The Engagement

The Wedding

The Honeymoon

Wedded Bliss

Saturday, February 2

Happy groundhog day!

Since it's groundhog day here's a little video clip from a very funny movie. I haven't seen a report yet, anyone know if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow?