Friday, August 31

You know you're a mom when...

...your list of daily activities includes fishing objects/toys out of the toilet.

Tuesday, August 28

Ballerina's & Bees

Who's prettier in a tutu?? Obviously Alexis, but Tyler is definitely the most handsome man I've ever seen in a tutu. Poor kid, that's what happens when you have a sister...and a mom. Don't worry, he didn't like wearing it, probably cause he couldn't throw it. He only likes things he can throw.

So about the middle of June I noticed a few bees were hanging out on the pillar above the walkway that leads to our front door. In a matter of 2 months a "few" bees turned into about a thousand. When I have to walk that way, I walk through there at lightning speed because everytime I do I imagine the queen bee buzzing a code word that signals the attack, and I'm fairly certain I can't outrun a thousand bees. Actually, the queen bee just stays in the hive I think, so it's probably the bee that's head of security. No matter, I just don't want to get stung. I'm hoping that when the snow comes they'll disappear but maybe it'd just be quicker to go buy some bee killer. If you are looking at the picture and amazed at how many bees there are just remember that around the corner of the pillar is their hive and there's at least 20 more there at all times too. I just went out and took this picture, so I had to stand there for a few minutes motionless. Miraculously I'm still alive.

Monday, August 27

Family Pictures

We took some family pictures on Saturday and they are now up on the internet for viewing. If you want to see them all go to: (edit: removed link because it's no longer active) If you just want to see the good ones come to our living room in a few weeks. There are a few that I just really love, but most of them are just okay. The kids weren't in the best moods and its hard to get both of them looking at the camera and actually smiling at the same time that Jeremy and I aren't giving dorky smiles. If you look at the gallery, I think #40 is my favorite. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 26

Speaking of mullets...

Now I don't profess to be a mullet aficionado, but I would guess that this mullet is in the running for the title of "Most Awesome Mullet of All-time". No, I do not know this man, I found this picture online. And I hope that if whoever this is somehow stumbles across my blog he doesn't think I'm making fun of him. I'm not. I have a certain amount of respect for him and the fact that he sported this 'do for so long. I mean, unless he had hair extensions put in than he had to look like this for YEARS. I'm a girl, I know how long it takes to grow hair that long. And I have a husband with a buzzed head, so I also know how quickly it can all disappear. This guy is just living the best of both worlds, and that's the beauty of the mullet. Notice that he's got a camera ready, I wonder if he was taking a picture of a guy that had this haircut:

So, most likely the majority of my posts will have some sort of visual aid accompanying it, that's just what I like to do. I like funny stories and pretty pictures, and since I don't have any funny stories I have to rely on the pictures. Don't worry, I'll post a pretty picture at the end for those of you who don't like the mullet man.

I want to give a quick shout-out to my friend Maren from BYU who added me to her list of "Other Worthwhile Blogs". I would have one of those lists too except that Maren's pretty much the only person I know with a blog and if I made a list just for her than it would become even more obvious that I'm a bit of a loser. But if some of you like to read blogs of people you don't know, here's a link to hers:

And here's a pretty picture to end this madness.

Friday, August 24

Identity Theft

This is probably my favorite thing Jim's done to Dwight so far! I love when he yells for Michael at the end of it. Genius!

Wednesday, August 22

I love my children the most when...

...they look like this:
When Jeremy took this picture of Alexis the flash woke her up, so she opened her eyes and said, "thank you daddy". Jeremy said, "you're welcome" and she went back to sleep. What? Huh? Thank you for what? Thank you for waking me from my slumber? Thank you for blinding me with the flash? Probably it was a thank you for finding her so beautiful as she sleeps that we just couldn't resist taking a picture. Cheesy but true.

Tyler also is so cute as he sleeps, but his arm just looked sooooooooo uncomfortable sticking through the slats of his crib that we of course had to take a picture. Don't worry, I moved his arm when we were done. Doesn't he look like such a stud in his spider pajamas? Too bad his fat little tummy isn't hanging out of his shirt. And if his mouth were open you could see his one tooth on top that reminds me a little of Sloth from "Goonies". Now all he needs is a mullet...

Why blog?

Lately I've been reading people's blogs on the internet. They are usually people I don't know, just a blog I've come across, and now I've been bitten by the blogging bug. People who know me might wonder why I want to blog. I usually never have anything important or exciting to say...and that's why. If I feel like expressing how much I hate flies, I wouldn't call up a friend and waste their time telling them about my extreme hatred for flies. But if I type a post titled "I loathe flies" (which I probably will soon), then that friend can come here and say, "hm, that sounds dumb" and not read it. Or if they are bored or are trying to avoid the 16 dirty dishes on their counter like me, then they can read it and share their own reasons for hating flies for all the world to see.

Also, I have the two cutest kids on the planet and this way I can brag about them all I want without having to see someone roll their eyes in annoyance as I tell them the one millionth story about something cute Alexis or Tyler has done. I'm kidding, I'm sure no one ever gets tired of those stories... And now grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends can come here and see some updates and pictures whenever they are missing us!

So enjoy the blog...I'll try to make it something worth reading.