Tuesday, August 28

Ballerina's & Bees

Who's prettier in a tutu?? Obviously Alexis, but Tyler is definitely the most handsome man I've ever seen in a tutu. Poor kid, that's what happens when you have a sister...and a mom. Don't worry, he didn't like wearing it, probably cause he couldn't throw it. He only likes things he can throw.

So about the middle of June I noticed a few bees were hanging out on the pillar above the walkway that leads to our front door. In a matter of 2 months a "few" bees turned into about a thousand. When I have to walk that way, I walk through there at lightning speed because everytime I do I imagine the queen bee buzzing a code word that signals the attack, and I'm fairly certain I can't outrun a thousand bees. Actually, the queen bee just stays in the hive I think, so it's probably the bee that's head of security. No matter, I just don't want to get stung. I'm hoping that when the snow comes they'll disappear but maybe it'd just be quicker to go buy some bee killer. If you are looking at the picture and amazed at how many bees there are just remember that around the corner of the pillar is their hive and there's at least 20 more there at all times too. I just went out and took this picture, so I had to stand there for a few minutes motionless. Miraculously I'm still alive.

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