Thursday, February 6

2 pictures

I wanted to share two pictures from my phone. I don't take a lot of pictures, my mind just doesn't think that way, though I wish it did. But these pictures show things that I want to remember. 

First, from yesterday morning. The heat was on and Tyler held Connor over the vent so his feet would warm up. He loved it and once Tyler put him down he stayed there with his hand on the vent, smiling and laughing.  But what I really love about the picture is the face Connor is making. Yesterday he discovered that he could tuck his bottom lip super far into his mouth, and he spent all day doing it. He looked like a complete goofball and it made me smile all day. I tried to get a closer up picture, but he would smile every time I got closer. I remember each of my babies making this same face at about the same age. It's fun to watch babies learn and discover new things!

The second picture is from Tuesday afternoon. Geronimo Stilton was supposed to be at the schools book fair for the kids to take pictures with, so we headed over there after a very busy day.  When we got there "he" was sitting nondescriptly on a chair. A young girl sitting with "him" announced that "he" would sign a book if we bought one from the book fair, but then informed us in a whisper that inside the costume it was actually a woman named Denise. Well, I hadn't planned on buying anything, our only purpose of being there was to take a picture with Geronimo because Alexis and Tyler love those books, so I passed on the chance to get Denise's forgery of a mouse authors signature and snapped this quick picture instead. My kids appearance is a little crazy, but that's one of the things I like about this picture, it's very real.  Also, Tyler's shoe is untied because his shoes are CONSTANTLY untied, despite recently learning how to tie them. He's wearing shorts because he hates pants, and because we had been to a trampoline park earlier in the day. Also, he's standing a few inches from the chair, a little wary of the situation with the mouse. Meanwhile Alexis is snuggled right up next to it because she is hardly ever wary of anything. She's got a strip of blue in her hair from some hair chalk, a near daily occurrence. A hole in her leggings because she's not allowed to wear them to school, but when she's off track (as they are now), anything goes. And lastly, the sweatshirt she's wearing has hardly left her body since she got it for Christmas.
 They're a rag tag duo, but I love them!