Tuesday, May 29

spring break 2012

A month ago, during Spring Break, Jeremy and I took the kids down to Moab.  Since we don't all fit in the Rhino anymore we weren't going to take it.  Then we realized it's ridiculous to own an off-road machine and NOT take it with us.  So on the first full day there we rented a 4-wheeler and spent the day out on the trails.  The kids were absolutely wonderful!  We were out ALL day and they never complained or got tired of it.  I think it helped that one of the older two was either sitting in the front seat of the rhino or riding on the 4-wheeler with one of us.  Moab really has the greatest trails, and after this trip we've decided we need to make it an annual thing.

We camped right in the middle of town.  It was a campground unlike any we've ever stayed in, because everyone was crammed in like sardines, but it was nice nonetheless and it had a playground just down the row that the kids could play on while Jeremy and I were busy setting up or taking down camp.

It's not very often that we go on a trip with just our little family, but we have so much fun every time we do.  The kids always seem to get along better, Jeremy and I are in better moods and we have tons of fun together.  Especially on trips like this because being outdoors is what my kids love the most.  And when we go camping Alexis and Tyler are actually excited to go to bed because they both have an unnaturally strong love for their sleeping bags.  

While there we also went to Arches, though with little legs accompanying us we didn't see too much.

We hiked up a HUGE sand dune (Tyler hiked up it 3 times!)

We played in the sand, climbed rocks, jumped off rocks, and enjoyed beautiful scenery and great views.

And then, when we got back, Jeremy took apart one of our upstairs toilet because it was clogged.  Remember this?  Yeah, this time it wasn't a pencil.  It was a small toy cup.  2 toilets down, 1 to go Ryan.