Monday, July 27


Time is such a strange thing, don't you think? Often I feel overwhelmed with too much time, while later I can feel like time is too elusive.

During the week, when I'm in the throes of a fit, or entrenched with whining, when I'm doing it all alone, I feel like there is too much time. But on the weekends, and in the evenings, when I have a companion, time seems to go by so quickly, as if there are less hours in a Saturday than there are in a Monday.

In the summer, even though there are more hours of daylight, time seems to move by quicker--there's never enough time for me to fully enjoy the weather, the outdoors, the sunshine. But then in the winter time moves so slowly, one day feels like ten.

But whether it's moving too quickly or just crawling along, time is a healer and a changer. If something is amiss, generally you just have to give it time.

Time also ages us. It can age us mentally and physically, but it doesn't usually do both at the same rate. Think of a person who is a child in body, but in mind is really an adult because the times they've had in their life has aged them quickly. Then there are those who seem to be able to resist time and will forever seem young, even if their body gets old.

Time helps us change our thoughts and our actions. Lately I've noticed that I've managed to drop some of the insecurities I developed in high school. Time has helped me realize that I'm not the same person I was as a teenager (thank goodness for that). I don't have to prove myself to anyone but myself. I don't need to waste time thinking about if I'm good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or talented enough. Maybe I had time for that in high school (even though I'm sure it could have been better spent), but I don't have time for it now. I don't know when this change came about, but it came with time.

Time can turn a sad event into a blessed one. Like the thought of Alexis starting kindergarten. But it can also turn the blessed event back into a sad one. Like the fact that starting kindergarten is just one step closer to growing up.

Time can be wasted just as well as it can be effectively used. I guess because we think we'll always have more of it, so we don't use it as well as we can. Like writing this blog post at the beginning of nap time--I think there will be plenty of it. But in an hour I'll remember that nap time is limited.

All this to say that time and life seems to be moving way too fast for me right now--it seems I try and try but can barely keep up. The house is a mess, family time is scarce, friendships are slightly neglected. So sorry if you don't hear much from me, I'll try to do better.

I suppose it would help if I didn't spend 10 hours a week at the pool...but that's not going to change right now.

Give it time.

Tuesday, July 21


For the past 8 months or so there have been 3 Lisa's living in this house. And let me tell you, at times it is confusing!

While I'm grateful the other two Lisa's live here, I do wish they'd start helping out a little more--especially if they are going to use my name.

They mostly just lay around the house all day, and while they do spend the majority of their time with the kids, they don't stop a single fight. In fact, a few times I've caught them even involved in the hitting and fighting. They go to bed early, they sleep in (sometimes), and they take naps almost daily. They don't exercise, read, or have any hobbies, unless encouraged to do so by Alexis and Tyler.

As far as I know they've never made any meals, they definitely have not washed any dishes, and their idea of helping with the laundry is by getting in the washing machine with the dirty clothes.

I suppose I could handle this, especially considering it describes the majority of the rest of my household, if they weren't so rude otherwise. I mean, Lisa #2 and Lisa #3 don't even talk to me--Lisa #1 (I think I've earned the right to be #1)--they only talk to Alexis and Tyler! Sometimes the kids will relay a message to me from the Lisa's, but I have yet to hear them say anything myself. I'm trying to forgive them of this since the kids love them so much. The Lisa's go everywhere with them, they provide a lot of comfort to them, and they play with them when I can't. They've literally grown up with them, but it's just been recently that the Lisa's have taken on their identities. So I guess I'll have to get used to having them around.

But if I have to pick them up off the floor ONE MORE TIME, I might scream!

Alexis and Lisa April 2007

Tyler and Lisa January 2009

There's also a Jeremy #2 and Jeremy #3 living here. They take the forms of a pink bear with butterflies on it, and another blanket Tyler sleeps with. They are not around much as much as the Lisa's, and harder to find pictures of!

Wednesday, July 15


If you need tips on how to apply lipstick, just ask Alexis.

Remember how I had angel kids that never fought with each other? Well, those kids are gone and have been replaced with look-a-likes whose main goal in life seems to be discovering how often they can drive me, themselves, and their sibling to tears. Let me tell you, the count is HIGH. And I am baffled as to what to do about it. Completely baffled. Selling one of them to the zoo isn't an option, is it? Seriously, how do you stop two kids this age from fighting ALL. THE. TIME? I really need opinions before their grandparents wake up one morning with a child and a sack of clothes to last a month on their doorstep.

Monday, July 13

monday mash-up

Here's a bunch of random Monday thoughts, again.

-All of a sudden I am really relieved that I signed Alexis up for afternoon kindergarten (lets hope she actually gets it!). I had been second guessing myself, but now I'm sure I did the right thing. For this week only she's attending a summer camp that is only for 1 1/2 hours a day, but it starts at 9 AM, also known as "wake-up time" for Alexis. I woke her up this morning at 8:15 and boy has she been making me pay for it. She had fun at the camp, but otherwise she's "having a bad day", "just really grumpy", and mad at me because I "woke her up too early". So my attempt at putting her in a better mood by giving her something to do and be less bored seems to have backfired. Now she's taking a 3+ hour nap, which means she won't go to bed before 10 PM, which means she won't wake up before 9, which means we'll start the whole thing over again tomorrow.

-Now, I know I'm not the only one who hates bugs. Isn't it funny how finding a bug in an unexpected place in your house can make you scared of your house for a little while? When it happens to me I usually have to put on shoes (to protect myself from the bug invasion that is likely coming), and then I spend the next 10 minutes pondering how that bug could have gotten there, and where the rest of them are hiding--because there is never just one. And I have to muster up all the courage I have to check for more, only to never be fully sure that I'm safe. Earwigs--eew!

-Little Ty-guy is sick. I'm not exactly sure with what, but it gives him fevers and A LOT of gas, and makes him very tired. Except for last night at 2:30 in the morning when I woke up to his singing his ABC's in his room, over and over and over, cheerful as can be, though as hot as lava. So we went downstairs, had some Tylenol, ate a cheese stick and watched a movie. Then we fell asleep facing each other from across the room, him on the love seat, me on the couch. And I had dreams all night about him wandering around the living room, which may not have really been dreams. I can't be sure.

-On Saturday we went on a short family hike. Alexis was a trooper and walked the whole way, though she let us know in the beginning that she doesn't really like hiking. I just now plugged in the camera to upload the pictures onto the computer and found that Jeremy took two different pictures of my butt, I think on purpose. And let me say, they make me rethink my wavering commitment to my diet.
-Have I ever mentioned Paperback Swap on here? It's a great site for getting rid of books you don't want anymore and getting books you do want--especially if you can be patient. It's not as cheap as a library, but has more options than a library (or at least my library), and I LOVE it!

Both kids are up and grumpy, so it's back to the land of the whining for me. Also, I now have apple juice all over me, thanks to Tyler. Better than snot or puke, right?

Thursday, July 9

I mean, really!

I signed Alexis up for soccer for the fall and just got an email with the names of the other kids on her team.

What is with parents these days?

Is it so hard to name your child something normal? And to spell it in a way that doesn't require me to repeat it to myself 100 times before I have it memorized? And can you name them something that will give us a clear idea of whether they are a boy or a girl?

I'm about ready to go back to the days where everyone is named either John, Thomas, Laura or Ashley.

Tuesday, July 7


**Here's a rare post with very few pictures of the kids, and not much mention of them either. So if that's why you're here, scoot along.**

June has flown by, as it usually does, and so have the first few days of July. Now is about the time when I start to panic (OH NO! Only two months left of summer!!), but not this time. Maybe because June didn't feel much like summer anyway, but mostly because it's been so busy that I'm ready to slow back down and enjoy life. In fact, I am actually looking forward to cleaning my house today--something must be off.

For the Fourth, we headed up to Jeremy's parents to celebrate. We started the day off with our very first 5k run! Jeremy's sister Ashley asked us awhile ago if we wanted to run with her (and by with, I mean, behind), so we got ourselves all ready for it. I expected to run it in about 36 minutes, but I exceeded my expectations. Jeremy and I both finished in just over 29 minutes! And Ashley finished in 26 1/2 minutes!Here we are after the race, feeling pretty proud of ourselves. And feeling pretty sweaty.

We spent the rest of the day with Jeremy's family and enjoyed watching their city's fireworks show from my in-laws backyard. After that we headed home because we had to be at our church meetings on Sunday. It was the longest hour drive of my life--we were tired! Then after church on Sunday we headed back up to their house and dropped the kids off.

On Monday Jeremy and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. We don't normally do much for our anniversary, but I decided that I wanted to this year. And since our kids only existed as mere thoughts 7 years ago, I thought it would be fun to have that be the case again! So while they got to play at grandma and grandpa's, we stayed at a family cabin and went out on the Rhino on Monday. It was fun, relaxing, cheap, and QUIET. After dropping them off I asked Jeremy if our lives used to be that quiet, I guess we just never appreciated it.

While out on the Rhino we passed a ton of meadows full of wildflowers and the colors were gorgeous! We also passed many a mud puddle in the road. I'm pretty sure we drove through more while Jeremy was driving, but got muddier while I was driving. In fact we came to one and Jeremy said, "drive through this one as fast as you did the last one and I'll take a picture". So I did, but not much happened. Which meant, of course, that I had to do it again. I backed up, got more of a running start, and drove more to the left where the deeper puddle was, and this time something happened!
Let me tell you, that water smelled about as good as it looked.
After driving for several hours we finally loaded the Rhino back up, spent 20 minutes and a small fortune hosing it off at the car wash, and picked up the kids. Thanks to Mike, Cindy, Ashley and Trent for watching them, they had tons of fun!
Here we are, 7 years into this adventure. A little dirtier, a little fatter (we're working on that!), a little more tired, a little more experienced, a lot more in love, and a whole lot happier.

Thursday, July 2

nothing specific

This morning Tyler and I were riding on a boat (aka our couch) and he asked where I thought we should drive it to. "How about Africa?"
"How about France?"
"Okay, oh, Greece. I LOVE Greece!"
"No! I want to drive us to Smith's Marketplace!" At which point our boat grew wheels and sounded much like a car.

My kids think Smith's Marketplace (a store like Walmart or Super Target) is better than Disneyland. At Smith's Marketplace they have carts for kids to push around, and I'm usually crazy enough to let them--thus their love for it. It makes getting them to the grocery store a lot easier, and as long as their happy with it it makes for cheap entertainment!


Last night I went running with a friend, who shall remain nameless, intending to do our usual route that I think is 3.1 miles long. When we got to the spot we normally turn she said, "do you want to go to the next stop sign, it's like one more block". I thought, sure, one more block will make me feel pretty awesome without being too much more work. So we run along and get to the first street (which was definitely more than a block) and I start to turn, only to notice my friend going straight. So I follow her. At the next street I ask if it's time to turn, she says no and points out a stop sign somewhere ahead of us that I can't even see. That's when I start to question her about how she measures her blocks. She says, "okay, maybe it's two." I said, "yeah right, this is 4 blocks". Finally we turn, and as we're running along the street I look for a street sign that will tell me how far we went. Fortunately all the streets are numbered here in Utah, and I knew the street we originally turn on is Center. Come to find out we ran all the way to 600 East, which was 6 blocks, not 1! I of course complained and made jokes about it all the way home, making my friend feel pretty bad about "tricking" me, but now I'm thanking her for it. We measured the route when we got home and it was 4. 1 miles. So if her theory is correct, then the 5k I'm running on Saturday shouldn't seem so bad in comparison.

Now after hemming and hawing over what to have for breakfast, I'm enjoying a breakfast of champions. Cake. (Don't tell Jeremy!) More specifically, this cake that my friend Jenn made.
It's a spool of thread!

It is so delicious and has been calling my name ever since it entered the house. I tried and tried to resist, but really a slice of cake is a lot easier to have than scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Give me 20 minutes and I guarantee I'll be regretting it. Maybe even 5. In fact, I think I already am.


On Monday I began potty training Tyler. On Wednesday I quit. Despite the fact that his little bum looks incredibly cute in underwear, he was not 100% ready. He was probably 70%, which is about the success rate we were having. That's not terrible, but I don't want to be cleaning up 30% of his bodily fluids off my carpet, so we'll try again in a few months. I trust his bottom will still be just as cute.


Now I must clean my kitchen before people come over and discover just how disgusting I really am. Have a fun (safe) 4th of July!!

Wednesday, July 1

Wordless Wednesday

*This is my last regular edition of Wordless Wednesday. I may still do it now and then, but I don't plan ahead enough to get good pictures. So I have to resort to pictures that make it look like my son abuses me.