Tuesday, July 21


For the past 8 months or so there have been 3 Lisa's living in this house. And let me tell you, at times it is confusing!

While I'm grateful the other two Lisa's live here, I do wish they'd start helping out a little more--especially if they are going to use my name.

They mostly just lay around the house all day, and while they do spend the majority of their time with the kids, they don't stop a single fight. In fact, a few times I've caught them even involved in the hitting and fighting. They go to bed early, they sleep in (sometimes), and they take naps almost daily. They don't exercise, read, or have any hobbies, unless encouraged to do so by Alexis and Tyler.

As far as I know they've never made any meals, they definitely have not washed any dishes, and their idea of helping with the laundry is by getting in the washing machine with the dirty clothes.

I suppose I could handle this, especially considering it describes the majority of the rest of my household, if they weren't so rude otherwise. I mean, Lisa #2 and Lisa #3 don't even talk to me--Lisa #1 (I think I've earned the right to be #1)--they only talk to Alexis and Tyler! Sometimes the kids will relay a message to me from the Lisa's, but I have yet to hear them say anything myself. I'm trying to forgive them of this since the kids love them so much. The Lisa's go everywhere with them, they provide a lot of comfort to them, and they play with them when I can't. They've literally grown up with them, but it's just been recently that the Lisa's have taken on their identities. So I guess I'll have to get used to having them around.

But if I have to pick them up off the floor ONE MORE TIME, I might scream!

Alexis and Lisa April 2007

Tyler and Lisa January 2009

There's also a Jeremy #2 and Jeremy #3 living here. They take the forms of a pink bear with butterflies on it, and another blanket Tyler sleeps with. They are not around much as much as the Lisa's, and harder to find pictures of!


Glen and Rachel said...

Hahaha! Do they seriously call their blankets "Lisa?" That is really quite funny :)

Ashley said...

I love love this post! Lisa you're so creative and so are your children ha ha!

Justin and Shandy said...

If I had a pink bear with butterflies on it, I would name it Jeremy too!

Jessica Munk said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! Good writing!

The Shill Spill said...

That's AWE-SOME!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 4th Lisa...the blue one with stars and moons that lives at my house...DaD