Wednesday, July 15


If you need tips on how to apply lipstick, just ask Alexis.

Remember how I had angel kids that never fought with each other? Well, those kids are gone and have been replaced with look-a-likes whose main goal in life seems to be discovering how often they can drive me, themselves, and their sibling to tears. Let me tell you, the count is HIGH. And I am baffled as to what to do about it. Completely baffled. Selling one of them to the zoo isn't an option, is it? Seriously, how do you stop two kids this age from fighting ALL. THE. TIME? I really need opinions before their grandparents wake up one morning with a child and a sack of clothes to last a month on their doorstep.


Reynolds Family said...

I'm so sorry that I have absolutely no parenting advice to give you, but I did want to thank Alexis for the lipstick application help! It made my day! And if it's any consolation, I think your kids are sweet and that you are a wonderful parent and I think everything will be 200 times better when school starts next month.

Anonymous said...

please, no one give any advice or opinions to lisa. i really, really, really want to wake up one morning and have BOTH of them on my doorstep!

Merrick said...

My dad made us do this thing when me and my sisters were little where when we fought, he'd make us lay on the floor, hold hands, and sing a primary song together. Obviously doing that was the LAST thing we wanted to do, and we'd start out all grumpy. But by the end, how can you not help but giggle a little when you're doing something so ridiculous? It always worked for us.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

From Dad...the BofM says to NOT let your children contend with one another. Teach them how to support each other. Set up situations where Alexis can praise Tyler and vice versa. Also, I like what Merrick said. The key here is that they get the message that fighting is NOT tolerated, without having to endure some awful punishment each time they forget and mess up.