Monday, July 13

monday mash-up

Here's a bunch of random Monday thoughts, again.

-All of a sudden I am really relieved that I signed Alexis up for afternoon kindergarten (lets hope she actually gets it!). I had been second guessing myself, but now I'm sure I did the right thing. For this week only she's attending a summer camp that is only for 1 1/2 hours a day, but it starts at 9 AM, also known as "wake-up time" for Alexis. I woke her up this morning at 8:15 and boy has she been making me pay for it. She had fun at the camp, but otherwise she's "having a bad day", "just really grumpy", and mad at me because I "woke her up too early". So my attempt at putting her in a better mood by giving her something to do and be less bored seems to have backfired. Now she's taking a 3+ hour nap, which means she won't go to bed before 10 PM, which means she won't wake up before 9, which means we'll start the whole thing over again tomorrow.

-Now, I know I'm not the only one who hates bugs. Isn't it funny how finding a bug in an unexpected place in your house can make you scared of your house for a little while? When it happens to me I usually have to put on shoes (to protect myself from the bug invasion that is likely coming), and then I spend the next 10 minutes pondering how that bug could have gotten there, and where the rest of them are hiding--because there is never just one. And I have to muster up all the courage I have to check for more, only to never be fully sure that I'm safe. Earwigs--eew!

-Little Ty-guy is sick. I'm not exactly sure with what, but it gives him fevers and A LOT of gas, and makes him very tired. Except for last night at 2:30 in the morning when I woke up to his singing his ABC's in his room, over and over and over, cheerful as can be, though as hot as lava. So we went downstairs, had some Tylenol, ate a cheese stick and watched a movie. Then we fell asleep facing each other from across the room, him on the love seat, me on the couch. And I had dreams all night about him wandering around the living room, which may not have really been dreams. I can't be sure.

-On Saturday we went on a short family hike. Alexis was a trooper and walked the whole way, though she let us know in the beginning that she doesn't really like hiking. I just now plugged in the camera to upload the pictures onto the computer and found that Jeremy took two different pictures of my butt, I think on purpose. And let me say, they make me rethink my wavering commitment to my diet.
-Have I ever mentioned Paperback Swap on here? It's a great site for getting rid of books you don't want anymore and getting books you do want--especially if you can be patient. It's not as cheap as a library, but has more options than a library (or at least my library), and I LOVE it!

Both kids are up and grumpy, so it's back to the land of the whining for me. Also, I now have apple juice all over me, thanks to Tyler. Better than snot or puke, right?


Mary said...

Man, I have a hard time getting my kids to sleep in past 6:30, let alone 9:00! (And putting them to bed late makes no difference - trust me I've tried!) What's your secret?
I'll have to give Paperback Swap a try sometime. Thanks for the tip!

Lindsey said...

Where did you guys go hike? Andy and I were just saying we wanted to do something but needed it to be Charlie friendly...and two parents with babies strapped to them friendly. Who are we kidding?

shellybellybee said...

Sorry your kiddos were grumpy. Where DID you go on your hike?