Thursday, July 2

nothing specific

This morning Tyler and I were riding on a boat (aka our couch) and he asked where I thought we should drive it to. "How about Africa?"
"How about France?"
"Okay, oh, Greece. I LOVE Greece!"
"No! I want to drive us to Smith's Marketplace!" At which point our boat grew wheels and sounded much like a car.

My kids think Smith's Marketplace (a store like Walmart or Super Target) is better than Disneyland. At Smith's Marketplace they have carts for kids to push around, and I'm usually crazy enough to let them--thus their love for it. It makes getting them to the grocery store a lot easier, and as long as their happy with it it makes for cheap entertainment!


Last night I went running with a friend, who shall remain nameless, intending to do our usual route that I think is 3.1 miles long. When we got to the spot we normally turn she said, "do you want to go to the next stop sign, it's like one more block". I thought, sure, one more block will make me feel pretty awesome without being too much more work. So we run along and get to the first street (which was definitely more than a block) and I start to turn, only to notice my friend going straight. So I follow her. At the next street I ask if it's time to turn, she says no and points out a stop sign somewhere ahead of us that I can't even see. That's when I start to question her about how she measures her blocks. She says, "okay, maybe it's two." I said, "yeah right, this is 4 blocks". Finally we turn, and as we're running along the street I look for a street sign that will tell me how far we went. Fortunately all the streets are numbered here in Utah, and I knew the street we originally turn on is Center. Come to find out we ran all the way to 600 East, which was 6 blocks, not 1! I of course complained and made jokes about it all the way home, making my friend feel pretty bad about "tricking" me, but now I'm thanking her for it. We measured the route when we got home and it was 4. 1 miles. So if her theory is correct, then the 5k I'm running on Saturday shouldn't seem so bad in comparison.

Now after hemming and hawing over what to have for breakfast, I'm enjoying a breakfast of champions. Cake. (Don't tell Jeremy!) More specifically, this cake that my friend Jenn made.
It's a spool of thread!

It is so delicious and has been calling my name ever since it entered the house. I tried and tried to resist, but really a slice of cake is a lot easier to have than scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Give me 20 minutes and I guarantee I'll be regretting it. Maybe even 5. In fact, I think I already am.


On Monday I began potty training Tyler. On Wednesday I quit. Despite the fact that his little bum looks incredibly cute in underwear, he was not 100% ready. He was probably 70%, which is about the success rate we were having. That's not terrible, but I don't want to be cleaning up 30% of his bodily fluids off my carpet, so we'll try again in a few months. I trust his bottom will still be just as cute.


Now I must clean my kitchen before people come over and discover just how disgusting I really am. Have a fun (safe) 4th of July!!


lindseyj said...

I love the running story! Good luck this weekend running the 5k.

shellybellybee said...

Funny running story. I'm glad you thought I felt bad. Hee hee.

Mary said...

That is a very cool cake!

Adam and Rachael said...

Lisa you make me laugh! I love reading your posts! :) Good for you for doing a 5K! It's nice to have friends to run with. And I love the potty training story! Good luck with that. :)

Lindsey said...

I tried to potty train Charlie this week because he wanted his Elmo undies on and he looked so cute in them. He however refuses to sit on the potty and those two things have to go together-three accidents later and we quit for a few weeks too. Best of luck. Let me know if you find success. P.S. I tried your pizza dough recipe and it's the first successful meal I've cooked in two months. Thanks again!!