Friday, February 22


Both kids are sick. I've hardly left the house since last Friday. There has been a lot of whining and crying by just about everyone that lives here, and A LOT of fighting between Tyler and Alexis. It's snowing...again. Our car broke. While in the process of getting it fixed Jeremy brought home this for me to drive:That's his idea of a joke. It has been dubbed the "silly yellow car" here. I'm tired. Lunch has been a disaster. We are all going to take naps. Wake me when it becomes possible to have a rational conversation with a toddler.

*Being the optimist that I am, I can't leave this entry on a bad note. And, so you can all stop worrying over it already, we did get both our computer and our DVR fixed. So breath easy everyone.


The Shill Spill said...

I was beginning to think you were a pesimist. :)
Just kidding!
A riddle is on it's way!

Anonymous said...

life sucks!
lets blow this popsicle stand.

i'm starting a cult centered around thick chicago style pizza made from fresh ingredients and water ballon fights.

we'll figure the rest out as we go along.

whose in?


Lisa said...

Hmmm, well the pizza sounds good, but I really hate filling up the water balloons. Can the cult also be centered around child labor cause then we wouldn't have to fill them up.

Jessica M said...

Hang in there little mama. Did you have ANY idea you could ever be this tired? It's like kids are break down artists. Take a break when you can, bubble bath, ice cream, whatever. One more day survived.

Karly said...

I love the picture you painted for me. I can't wait to I have 2 kids of my own and go through the exact same thing some day. :) But I'm glad the DVR is fixed. That's something for me to look forward to!

Rachel & Todd said...

I thouroughly enjoyed reading your blog...I kept laughing out loud at your different posts, so much in fact that my husband couldnt stand the curiousity himself and logged onto his laptop to check it out. I added you to my links, hope you dont mind. See you around the hood. :)

MorgAnnie said...

I love the blog. I just love the blogger world in general. I found you through Tami Richins blog, I can't believe how big Tyler is already. I don't know if you remember us, but you can check out our blog

-Annie Hadlock