Friday, February 15

the time when everything breaks

So I guess my DVR decided to reject my invitation to be my Valentine. It could have just said no, but insted it decided to break and probably delete everything we had recorded on it. I'm not sure yet because I can't get a hold of the guy who's supposed to fix it and I'm not going to pay DISH network to send a technician out because it's not my fault it's broken. The response to "why do I have to pay for it? It's not my fault it's broken!"? "It's no one's fault ma'am, so we charge the client when it's a technical problem". Horrible, horrible idea. Jeremy works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and when a customer calls because their tire has just blown out and they are too dumb to fix it (like I would probably be), he goes and trades them cars and fixes the tire himself, and does he charge them anything? No, because it's not their fault the tire blew. Oh boy, you shouldn't have gotten me started.

What else is broken?

My computer. I got a dumb virus that has wreaked havoc on the thing and now who knows when it will be up and running again.

What else is broken?

Tyler. He has RSV. If you don't know, that's a serious serious cold for little kids that gets in their lungs. Which means he's miserable and contagious, so we're stuck in the house.

As trivial as some of these complaints are, I think my limits are being tested.


TamiRichins said...

I am so sorry that Tyler is sick, no fun having a sick kid without a working DVR, and no internet. I feel for you. We missed you today, we'll do it again soon.

Jessica M said...

I'm so sorry that Tyler has RSV. And your computer is broken, and your TV is broken. Whew. Whatever disease it is that causes everything to break/go wrong at the same time, we caught it too. Between the roof, frig, computer, vcr, and trash can (yes even the trash can), we're plagued. So I'll commiserate with you from a distance. Give Tyler a hug from us.

The Shill Spill said...

AMEN! I am soooooooo sorry Lisa! (Especially since the sun is out today.) When did Tyler get diagnosed with RSV? Soooo sad. :( Do you got lots of movies? (Our DVR did that to us once. We traded Satelite companies because of it. It made us mad.)

Tricia said...

Max just got over RSV...I hope Tyler is able to heal quickly- I know how miserable it can be. Just make sure to keep the rest of your family healthy and everyone's hands washed...I'm sure you probably already knew that. You guys will be in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

i heard that kids that had RSV are the coolest. Max. Tyler. Me (aaron).

i have no doubt that you'll give him the best care he could receive and i hope he recovers quickly.