Monday, April 27


We went to the Supercross on Saturday night and loved it! Tyler was mesmerized by the motorcycles, especially when we saw a few of them up close, but he spent half the night looking like this:
He was scared of the fireworks that went off in the beginning and suspected that they could happen at any time so he was just trying to be prepared.

And then later, when the main event was about to start he knew they'd be setting off big bursts of flames, so he prepared himself like this:

Alexis was there too, but she mostly ran around with the other kids that came too.


Also this weekend I realized that I am a really really terrible pancake flipper. It's pretty pathetic. Also, I'm no good at making omelets. I cannot fold the egg over without it breaking apart. So we eat a lot of scrambled eggs with omelet fillings thrown in.

And the war with the bees is back on. They seem to like my BBQ, and I like burning them up. If you have any surefire ways of getting rid of bees/hornets/wasps please tell me. I'm tired of standing out there with my shoe and hitting every single one I see. Seriously.

And lastly, what is the matter with youth these days? Come on parents, step up your game because there are a lot of really sorry pre-teen and teenagers walking around out there and I don't think it's fully their fault...yet.

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Darla said...

In answer to your question, Geof. got a job out in Richmond. It's fortunate for us, because that's where we wanted to be (that's where all our stuff is too!). We love the NW, but were not done with our time in VA, and sad that things didn't work out with aviation. But now that he's been offered a job doing home appraisals, he can't be happier. It fits his personality perfectly. He went out there a week ago to make sure things work out, and is expecting us in about 2 more weeks. Lots of training, learning, studying to do...can't have too many distractions. (;