Tuesday, April 7

we're on fire, he's on a roll

Last week my dryer broke. It tumbled and tumbled and tumbled, but it didn't heat. Which was unfortunate because it was about 10 pm, there was a load of damp whites in it, and a load of very wet clothes in the wash. And the next day was snowy so it wasn't even an option to hang my clothes outside to dry. Jeremy scouted the classifieds (which he loves doing, coincidentally) and we bought a dryer for $25. I planned on it being old. I planned on it being ugly. I planned on it being dirty. I hoped it would at least be the same color as the washer--it wasn't. What I didn't plan on was it smelling like fire every time it ran for a few minutes. So now I have two dryers: one doesn't heat, the other does but I'm too afraid to use it. Anyone want to come over and fix either one for us?


Alexis has reached the age where she doesn't like people laughing at her, or telling funny stories about her. Which is really too bad because she does a lot of funny things. On Sunday we were driving home from my parents and she asked why she's not allowed to watch Mulan on Sunday. She thinks she should because they wear dresses in Mulan and we wear dresses to church on Sunday. I told her it's not what they wear, its what the movie makes you think about, and that determines what we watch on Sunday. Knowing what I wanted to hear, she said, "Well, Mulan makes me think about China and Jesus." Jeremy and I both busted up laughing and she immediately yelled "DON'T LAUGH AT THAT!!" Which of course makes us laugh harder.


I'm not sure Tyler's remaining teeth will survive his toddlerhood. The child is crazy and I think a little accident prone. On Saturday his dresser nearly fell on him (it's short), and he saved it by having his little finger wedged between the two drawers. It hurt I'm sure, but a lot less than if the whole thing had actually landed on him. And within 5 minutes of that he was standing on the stool in the kitchen, somehow fell off, and pulled a whole lot of stuff down too, including a light bulb that shattered on the floor. I promise, our house is not as dangerous as it sounds. But Tyler is as dangerous as he sounds.


I've been reading a lot of good books lately, but the books I seem to pick out are always kind of dark. They either take place during a time of war (and all the bad things associated with it) or they are about people with crazy (abusive, neglected, literally crazy) backgrounds. They are good, but it starts to bring me down a bit if I read too many like that in a row. So I'm in need of some book recommendations. Something light and fluffy, but not so fluffy that I want to throw up. Do you know what I mean? Something pleasant, please. Any suggestions?


Merrick said...

My sister just introduced me to Sarah Dessen books. I've only read "The Truth About Forever" which is totally a light and fluffy teenage love book, but it's not sickly fluffy. Just sweet. You might like it if you're a 15 year old girl at heart like me and my sister :)

Also, I'm reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer right now...have you read that? I'm not too far in, but it's interesting in a scientific way, but also has a great love story. I'm really enjoying it.

Jennifer Dunn said...

Have you read the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith? I think you might enjoy them.

Mary said...

OK - I just looked at my Goodreads books for some book suggestions for you. Ready for a list?

Here are my books for "adults" first. The first one that came to mind was: "These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine"(so funny!). Another good, funy non-fiction: "French Impressions: The Adventures of an American Family" (it is about a family who uproots to France). It's been a while since I read it but "Cold Sassy Tree" is alwasy good for a laugh.
Another light non-fiction about a veterinarian (I know it doesn't sound great but it is actually very, very good): "All Creatures Great and Small." And my personal favorite is always "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." That Mark Twain had an awesome sense of humor.

If you feel like more of a YA novel, my favorite funny but romantic pick me up is: "The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman." I also really enjoy all of Shannon Hale's novels. And one I read last year is "The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks" which is worth a read. I would recommend "The Hunger Games," but it's not light and fluffy in the least bit (But still really good if you haven't read it and are ready for something darker in the future).

I told you that I had a list for you! Happy Reading!

Mary said...

PS - When we were first married we bought a used dryer. We found out that there is usually a good reason why the original owners are getting rid of them. The hot water never worked on ours and it would often rip our clothes. Good luck with yours!

shellybellybee said...

I needed some light and fluffy too, so I read confessions of a shopaholic. And it was very light. I read it between conference sessions. I enjoyed it because I have the makings to be a shopaholic, but who doesn't?

Maren said...

I second the one about the No 1. Ladies Detective Agency. Very funny but it doesn't make you feel like you just got more stupid for reading it.

Rachel & Todd said...

I have read a lot of "darker" books lately as well, Im glad you asked for a list of recommended reads since I am looking for a new book too! I just finished the Odd Thomas series by Koonz (good in a weird way) but not on the light side. My mom just read The Hunger Game and loved it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull. They are kinda like the Harry Potters, but different and FUN to read.

Lindsey said...

My guilty pleasures are trashy romance novels, or girl porn as Andy calls it. So I don't know what to suggest unless you really do want to be dumber after reading, yet maybe a little randy...I blame my mom giving me this inappropriate material to read when I was 17 and getting me addicted. Yes, my mom.