Thursday, May 28

Ty-guy in the morning

I love the sights, sounds and smells of this guy in the morning. One of the few times I get to hold him anymore is right after he's woken up. He lets me cuddle him, he puts his arms around me, his cheek next to mine--and then I put my nose into his neck and breathe in his scent.

When he's had enough cuddling he stands unmoving, slowly letting his brain process his surroundings in the light of morning.

Eventually his mouth starts to wake up, the dam of sleep breaks, and a steady stream of words flow out. And nothing gets them flowing quite as freely as a book about trucks. "YouhavetogetmethisoneformybirthdayIwantaJohnDeeretractor

Finally his tummy tells him it's time to eat. He eats approximately three bites of cereal, asks for milk in a sippy cup and retreats with his beloved blanket to his special place behind the toy box where he drinks his milk quietly.

Then half an hour later this beauty tumbles down the stairs and the whole process starts over again.


Anonymous said...

you are so lucky!!! i'm glad you know it, too.

The Shill Spill said...

I love it! What a great post Lis!

Rachel & Todd said...

You are so gifted Lisa in the art of blogging. Your posts are so entertaining to read. I LOVE them and your funny kids that make them possible. :)