Tuesday, May 26

busy busy business

Guys, I am fighting a major case of the sleepies (Sleepys? Hard to know how to spell something when it's not a real word!) and have been all day. Being sick has really drained me. When I tried to resume my normal workout schedule yesterday...wooooo hoooo hoooo it was PATHETIC. And now one of my teeth is being all sensitive and jiggly and painful. Do you know what is dumb? Jeremy and I both have full dental coverage but we haven't been to the dentist in a few years. We should be going every six months because it's ALREADY PAID FOR! Yes, we are dumb. So with these two things I cannot think of anything entertaining, but fortunately I have some business to take care of. So listen up.

First, this one I have neglected for a long time and should have mentioned it awhile ago. I have a friend from high school who is serving in South Africa for the US Peace Corps. Jesse is part of a project to get some libraries put together, I believe he has two going in his village. The schools that will be receiving the libraries (there are 30 total) are raising about 40% of the money for it, but the volunteers are trying to raise the rest. So, if that's something you'd like to donate to and learn more about, you can do that here. This money goes to the shipping of the books since the books are free, provided by this organization.

Second, my very talented friend Jenn has started a cake decorating business. She makes the cutest cakes and is unfortunately moving before either of my kids birthdays or you know she would be making us some cakes. This is her blog where you can see all her cute cakes and figure out how to contact her so she can make one for you! She'll be in Utah for the next few months, but unfortunately (for us, not them), they'll be moving to Denver the beginning of August. So if you live in that area, look her up in a few months!

Lastly, do you read "Seriously, So Blessed"? If you're female, Mormon, and have ever lived in Utah or know people from Utah you should be reading it. However, if you have no sense of humor or cannot laugh at yourself, you should not be reading it. (And if you aren't Mormon, please don't think we are all the way she portrays her fictional character on the blog!) On the blog TAMN is holding her own version of "The Batchelor" called MoMatchelor. She's picked two guys and hundreds of girls were nominated to date them. It's been narrowed down to just a few now and one of my very best friends, Emily, is one of them. She's one of the girls from BYU that went to Phoenix with me and is all around awesome. So, what I'm getting at is that you should vote for her. Do it here. Make sure you vote for Emily B., not Emily M. I'm pretty confident that she'll win, which is great, but how do I know this Micah guy is good enough for her? I guess she'll just need the date to find out.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Remember when I asked you to guess this:

A few of you got it right--it's a thread rack. And we FINALLY got around to finishing it and hanging it. Now it has the pleasure of making me happy whenever I walk into my room. I love colors, so I love to see all my thread spools displayed and easy to get to instead of all jumbled up in a shoebox. Now if only my wall were some other color...

As you can see, I have a lot of space to fill. And what a coincidence, it's my birthday next month! A spool of thread in an incredibly fun color (especially if it's not practical) would be an awesome and cheap gift--just sayin'. Except you Jeremy, you have to give me something more than a spool of thread.

Alright, that's enough business. Sorry for the long post, but just thought I'd let you know about a few of my awesome friends who could use a little extra help.


shellybellybee said...

Woooo hoooo hoooo. I love your rack for the threads. I think it looks so cool. I totally want to do that, and I don't even sew.

Reynolds Family said...

Thanks for the plug about my cakes. And by the way, I LOVE 'Seriously So Blessed' and will go vote for Emily B. today! Thanks for letting me know!

I KNEW it was a thread rack...my mom has one in her sewing room that I grew up rearranging for fun...LOVE IT!