Friday, May 22

Why I never want to move*

The pool opened this last Tuesday. I'm a little disappointed in myself that it took us this long to get out there. But I figured it was best to keep my germy self out of the waters. So today was finally the day. It was perfect--it was fantastic! And then Alexis had issues (which involved a tantrum, a bad attitude, and A LOT of screaming), and nearly ruined the first swim for everyone around. But it was good in a way because I learned I don't like being a mean mom. Part of me was starting to suspect--and even fear--that maybe I did like being a mean mom because I've gotten pretty good at it. Anyway, then we got over it and swam some more. And now I'm enjoying the benefits of a good long swim: a good long nap by BOTH kids!
*We live in a townhouse so someday we will HAVE to move, but odds are Jeremy will be dragging me by my hair to get me out of here. And you know I'll be kicking and screaming. Unless of course he can promise me my own sewing room, then maybe I won't scream.

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Jessica M said...

Ah, I would love access to a pool! And I enjoyed your sandbox pictures. Our sandbox was finally emptied and hidden, too much mess for me!