Thursday, May 14

how about I share my fun day with you all?

Tyler is sick. He's really congested, he's got a cough and a fever and a major case of the grumps. Which means our house has turned into WHINE CENTRAL. Tyler whines. Alexis whines. Tyler whines some more. Alexis whines some more. And then I whine to you all.

Here's a small sample of the things Tyler claims to have forgotten how to do while he's been sick: walk up the stairs, be nice, eat, find anything he's looking for, watch TV, play with toys, and sleep in until a reasonable hour. Fortunately he hasn't forgotten how to squirt diarrhea on my floor, and he even picked up a new skill: how to dump a whole lot of sand into his diaper and mix it in real good with diarrhea. Do you wish I'd stop talking about diarrhea? So do I.

So, since he's been sick and we can't go anywhere there are people, we retreated to the mountains. Two of us were still basically in pajamas when I said, "Get in the car, we're going for a drive. And it's going to be a silent drive!" Turns out it wasn't silent (I can dream, right?), but there wasn't any fighting. We drove up the canyon, parked at a reservoir, I rolled down the windows and let the kids stick their heads out to look at the water. Fun, huh? Then we drove home and did nothing for the next 6 hours.

I guess technically not "nothing". I didn't get dressed or put on any make-up and Tyler's still in his pajamas, but we did watch a lot of TV, and Alexis and I made her a tiny little purse. Then we sat in the hammock and Alexis gave me what she called "a pedicure of making your hair pretty", also known as a ponytail. And then we took pictures in the backyard with her purse. We all took turns taking some pictures.

Also, here's a picture of Tyler sleeping on his grandma yesterday. He wore this new shirt yesterday and Oh My Goodness was he handsome in it. Handsome but sickly.

And then here's a picture of Alexis at her dance recital last week, I still haven't put the video on the computer, and to be honest, I may never. But didn't she look cute? I tried to blur the face of the little girl she's hugging because I don't even know who she is, but that seemingly simple task is beyond my photo shop skills. I like this picture because it is a true representation of how Alexis is. She makes friends EVERYWHERE she goes and is hugging them within minutes, and then they are BFF's before she leaves.

Now, I've got big plans for the night. They involve the gym and watching The Office. And hopefully no diarrhea.


Jessica M said...

Oh, I hope Tyler feels better soon. I feel your pain with the mess, I've had to change Melanie's sheets over and over this week as she's also had issues. Being a mom is so tiring sometimes!
I love Alexis's hairbow in that last picture. Did she have fun at her recital? I bet she was adorable.

Karly said...

Is it bad that I laughed at your whining? :) But my heart goes out to you also, I will definitely need some of your advice when I have kids! You're a champ. (Did I really just say that? I never use that word.) The last pic of Alexis at the recital is sooo cute! She looks beautiful!!!!

Reynolds Family said...

I'm sorry you had a hard day, and that Tyler did, too. I think it was a brilliant idea to drive into the canyon. You are a great mom! I'm glad that Alexis pampered you with a pedicure to make your hair look pretty. I LOVE that last picture of Alexis at her dance recital. What a gorgeous face she has! Feel better soon, Ty-Guy!

Karen said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you! Although, staying in pjs all day doesn't sound too bad :)

shellybellybee said...

How is today for you and poor little Ty guy? I hope he feels better soon for both your sakes. I really like your moutain retreat idea. I think we'll have to try that. There's been a lot of wining in my house too.

Lindsey said...

Hope your little guy feels better--it seems like when they get sick, the whole household gets to feel the effects. Whining seems to be contagious these days-we've had alot of it at our house too. Never fun.

The Shill Spill said...

I have a little ounce of what you have at your house...minus the diareah. (Is that how you spell it? Oh well!) Carson has double ear infections and has been a grump and a half for days now. I think we are reaching the end of the tunnel with the antibiotic in the system though. Good luck! I hope today and tomorrow, and the weekend are a WHOLE lot better for you!