Monday, March 9

in case you were wondering how my morning was going

I got up too early this morning. 6:15. That, for me, is too early. And what's worse, I didn't sleep well last night because I was so worried about getting up early. "If I fall asleep now I'll get 7 1/2 hours of sleep. If I fall asleep now I'll get 7 hours of sleep." Then I'd wake up in the night and check the clock to make sure I hadn't overslept. I'm not sure where that paranoia comes from, because I've overslept maybe once in my life--I just can't sleep when I know I've got somewhere to be or something to do.

Add to all that the nightmare I had. A girl's family had been murdered in various gory ways (I'll spare you the details) and she had gone back to live in the house where they were murdered. It was disturbing.

The silver lining to getting up early was that after Jeremy left for work I should have had about an hour before the kids got up, to do with what I'd like.

But two minutes after he walked out the door Tyler woke up coughing and crying. I laid in my bed with him for the next hour while he sang to himself and kicked me in the side, back, side, face. Then he poked himself in the eye and refused to stop crying. I finally fled the room, upset and tired, only to return ten minutes later to a boy with a leaky diaper and diarrhea on my bed.

I threw my sheets in the wash, brought him downstairs, where his bowels let loose again in his diaper, and then again on the living room floor during the one second between removing his old diaper and replacing it with a new one.

And now he's beside me, needing ANOTHER diaper change, making a minor mess of my desk drawer while chanting, "mommy, I WANT a piece of candy."

I'm considering calling in and using one of my vacation days. Oh wait...I don't really get those.

p.s. The bread was delicious. Oh crap.


Shauna said...

Wow - you do need a vacation. How about...pool. sun. friends. virgin pinacoldas. sunscreen. talking. more talking. no kids. no husbands. no snow. Arizonia. 2 months. Awesomeness. (if you watch the Office and know Andy this may be more funny... :))

Reynolds Family said...

I am really sorry about your crappy morning, Lisa! (No pun intended!) I hope Ty-guy feels better soon. And I'm glad your bread was delicious! =) I hope the rest of your day goes better.

Hannah said...

I'm really sorry that you had such an awful morning...but you wrote it in such a funny way it made me laugh and is making my yucky yucky day seem a little more manageable. Thanks!! Your blog is great!

Scooby and Jon said...

I'm sorry your morning is not so fun. and I'm sorry that the bread is delicious, because seriously? 18 cups of flour?

Natalee said...

I had to laugh too it was written so well! Hopefully the day got better :)

Lindsey said...'s such a paradox to love your kids so stinkin much and to need a day off from kids soo much. I feel it more often than I'd like to admit. Hang in there lady. You sound like you are still doing great.

Becky said...

So I totally do the clock thing too when I have to get up early! I'm sorry that you had a bad morning, hope tomorrow is better!

The Olsen Family said...

So I think that we need to petition someone to have a vacation for mom's. I am sorry that you had a bad morning. I don't have your phone number and I am too lazy to walk across the street :) If you are feeling up to it Thursday about 10ish would work for me. Let me know.


The Shill Spill said...

I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo know how it feels when you need somewhere to be...and can't sleep because of the anxiousness. I think that is why I have stopped scheduling ANYTHING in the morning to be to.
I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry about the 'crappy' day of diapers and carpet cleaning!