Sunday, May 10

On this day for mothers...

Things I LOVE about my mom:
***Her sense of humor (she gave me mine--the more sarcastic half)***Her intelligence, particularly her gospel knowledge***The fact that she thinks Jeremy is one of the greatest guys in the world (cause so do I)***The kind of grandma she is--crazy, fun, and always has time for her grandkids***Her common sense and the fact that people know they can open up to her and turn to her for advice***That she is always available to help me--without her I may not have survived Tyler's baby days***Her creative ideas that improve anything she is asked to do ***How hard she works when she develops a passion for something (i.e. family history, CHADD, temple service and missionary work in the employment center)***The hard work and dedication she put into being a mother and a wife, and the peaceful feeling that has always been in our home because she worked to keep it there.***That she loves me despite the fact that this year all I did for her was write this and buy her a root beer float from Wendy's!

Things I LOVE about my mother-in-law:
***She raised Jeremy (and all her kids) to be honest, hard working, kind, generous, and full of faith***She has welcomed me into her family as if I was one of her own***She has an excellent work ethic and always sees a job through to not just completion, but perfection***The kind of grandma she is--thoughtful, fun, and helps carry out traditions (which I tend to drop the ball on)***She is a great example to me of charity and respect for all people***She's brave and does things she might not necessarily want to do, because they need to be done***She's raised 7 children and somehow has managed to give them all individual attention and supports them all in their many endeavors***She knows a lot of stuff, if I ever have a question she can answer it***We have common interests***People always feel welcome when they are around her, and she can talk to just about anyone!
(I swear they do love Alexis too, I just don't have much pictorial proof)

Things I LOVE about being a mom:
***Kisses and hugs***The influence I have over my children***The thought of their potential, and the challenge given to me to help them reach it***Songs sung all day in sweet voices with wrong lyrics***Spending my day surrounded by innocence and play***Having mother's intuition***Being the one they turn to when things go wrong, and especially when things go right***The way I am challenged and stretched EVERY DAY***Bouquets of yellow dandelions***Holding little hands, folding little clothes, wiping little bums***Having first hand knowledge of just how special kids really are***Experiencing swells of pride whenever they do ANYTHING good or cute or new***Having a day set aside for me where Jeremy makes the meals and buys me bubble bath.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Jennifer Dunn said...

Happy Mother's Day! Love your post!

Anonymous said...

thank you honey. things i love about lisa? EVERYTHING!!!!!

Cindy said...

Can I ditto your mom? I think you are the greatest! What a blessing and example you are in our family.
I love you too!

PS - Dad said I should save what you wrote for my obituary!!!! These men!

Reynolds Family said...

I've met your mom a few times and think she's pretty amazing, too! And seriously, I think YOU, Lisa, are one of the best moms I know! Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!