Thursday, May 7

purse pattern

I made this purse last week from a free pattern I found online. I've had enough people ask for a link to the instructions that I can't remember who all I said I'd email it to. So I'm posting it here, hopefully they'll find it!

I had a lot of fun making this and love how it turned out. I'll probably make another one for myself when I get rid of my projects list. Or before--you know how I am. But here's the link! Most of the instructions were clear, but there were a few I had to ponder for awhile to figure out. Let me know if you have questions, I might be able to help!

The kids and I are going to Las Vegas today for a certain brothers graduation from law school, and a certain sister-in-laws graduation from UNLV. Poor Jeremy will be here and lonely and feeling a little bad that I keep leaving him to do fun things, so if you are feeling charitable bring him a yummy treat!

Also, I am sad about Tyler's hair. It was my idea, and I immediately regretted it. But he does look cute, it'll be easy to manage in the summer, and it WILL grow back fast. Apparently we are on the yearly haircut plan with our children.

Lastly, Alexis had a dance recital (technically a rehearsal but she's going to be missing the recital) last night and it was chaos and cute all wrapped up in a noisy dancing package. I'll probably post a video when I get back.


Merrick said...

I saw that purse online somewhere and thought it was so cute too! Yours turned out great!

Jessica Munk said...

Thanks for the purse link! I was thinking about it yesterday. Good luck on your trip and have fun! And Tyler does look cute! His long blonde locks were great too. But its a fresh summer look :)

Coates Family said...

You seem to pretty much rock at sewing and other such crafty should add this to your etsy shop and sell them. I think it's completely adorable.

Kevin said...

I'm going to make one for all of my crafting supplies.

The Olsen Family said...

You are so talented. I am jealous of all the things that you can do!