Friday, January 10

anyone past 20 is OLD!

This conversation just happened between me and Alexis (9) and Tyler (7).

Alexis: Mom, were you alive during the Dust Bowl?

Me: (Thinking we're talking about some sort of football game) I don't know, when was it?  What was it?

A: It's something that happened in a small Utah town (she then provides more explanation that I've already forgotten). 

(Long pause)

A: In the 1930's.

Me:  (Trying to control my laughter)

A: Well, do you know anyone that was?  It happened in 1935, so how old would they be?

Me: I don't think I know anyone that age.  They would be 79 at least.

Tyler: Oh, I do!!  My school teacher!

Just so you know, Tyler's teacher is probably in her 40's.


Speaking of football (sort of), Tyler received a set of 32 miniature football helmets--one for each NFL team--for Christmas.  He knows which team each helmet belongs to, and likes to quiz everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE) on them.  When he has friends come over he sits them down and pulls out the helmets one by one, asking them to name the team it belongs to.  If they get a helmet wrong, he sets it aside and makes them practice it.  The other day I asked him to quiz me on them.  First I named each team and got probably 30 of them correct, which I think is pretty good for a person who doesn't even like football.  Then he wanted me to go back and name what city or state the team was associated with.  That was a little harder and I think I missed 5.  But hes got me practicing them 3 times a day and I'm sure I'll have them down in no time.  (Not really.)

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Sarah said...

I dare you to bring up the Dustbowl at Parent Conferences!
As for the helmets and which cities each are from...I hope he doesn't quiz during carpool. I wouldn't do so well.