Monday, January 13

He's moving!

Probably only grandmas will be interested in this, but the baby is making forward movements. I love a baby's first crawl because it's so spastic and uncoordinated, yet they are undeterred by their lack of control over their own bodies. Connor does this funny move where he gets up on his knees and rocks his body forward, and his chest goes flying forward while his arms buckle underneath him, and then they finally follow the rest of him and flop out to the side.  Other times he's up on his toes and pushes his body forward with his toes. It's all very adorable, naturally.

(PS this video is entitled "Ryan Crawls" even though it's actually Connor. I just have too many kids and not enough brain cells left to keep all their names straight.)

I can pass on your congratulations to him if you'd like. But as you can see in the video, it would probably be more appropriate to congratulate him on simply surviving in this family so far.

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Rachael said...

I loved the video! ( even though I'm not a grandma ). :). And it looked like someone had piano books. Did you find a piano? You have such a beautiful family.