Wednesday, November 3

I'm no Dr. Seuss...

Two little pirates and their mother
went pillaging for candy with each other.

Upon many doors did they knock,
around the whole neighborhood did they walk,

Gathering candy from everyone
while having lots of fun!

Then the younger pirate tripped on a curb,
which made his mother quite disturbed.

He fell in a puddle and cut his lip
And was carried home on his mothers hip.

His lip swelled large,
But he was in charge

And insisted on going back out.
To get more candy, no doubt.

The littlest pirate stayed in and was just dandy.
{He prefers milk over candy.}

He watched football with his dad,
and smiled and talked, and never once was bad.

Finally to home did the big pirates scoot,
And dumped out their buckets to examine their loot.

They wanted to eat and eat and eat,
But their parents said, "just a few treats".

Because they didn't want to be up all night with the Comet
cleaning up little kiddie vomit.

Our Halloween really had blood and gore,
What about you? How was yours?


Dorothy said...

Ours was Wet and cold. Thanks for the poetry. Your children are darling. They always kick butt on Halloween.

lindseyj said...

LOVE IT Lisa :) You are too creative!

Ashley said...

HAHA I just love you Lisa! I am so grateful that I am related to you!

Cindy said...

You make me smile!

Cindy said...

In fact, you make me laugh!!!
You're GREAT!

Rachel said...

Awesome poem Lisa!! Way to go!!