Friday, October 29

some photos to share

Just thought I'd share some pictures from Tyler's birthday and our short trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Thanks to my dad for taking all of these.

His party was held at a park, and I knew I was taking my chances with the weather. However, it turned out perfectly! I think it was high 60's and sunny. Here's Tyler playing on the playground with some of this good friends. We only invited a handful of kids because I cannot handle the chaos that comes from more than that. Plus Tyler gets too overwhelmed when there are a lot of kids around, and I wanted him to enjoy his party without feeling stressed.
Before his party I made "dinosaur eggs" out of paper mache. They didn't turn out quite as I pictured, but fortunately kids have great imaginations. We hid them around the park and then after they each found one they got to decorate them. Then when they took them home they were supposed to crack them open to find their prizes.
Opening presents
At the end Jeremy had all the kids line up with their legs apart to make a "Spanking Machine". Then Tyler crawled through all their legs and they spanked him when he passed by. It was really cute!
As far as presents go we didn't get him much, but what we did get him both he and Jeremy were pretty excited about. It's a model Rhino. It's even black, just like ours.

Two days later we drove down to Las Vegas for the blessing of this little girl, Celeste:
While I have 6 nieces and nephews on Jeremy's side, this is my first on mine. She was born the beginning of September and she is just tiny and precious. She's one of those babies that I think looks very girly--it's probably her lips. Those she gets from her mom, but her eyes are all her dad.

Aren't they a cute little family? I love this picture because Celeste has her arms up under her chin, I love it when babies do that!
My whole family, with the exception of Peter. The guy next to my brother Aaron is my sister Rachel's fiance, Nick.
Family tradition: goofy picture after the normal one. Not everyone got the memo.
Just the kids and the grandkids.
Then we took some with Ryan and Celeste, he's just 3 months older than her. But he's extremely large and she's extremely petite.
He had his legs up through the majority of the photo shoot, but if you had his thighs you would too.

Wait. probably wouldn't.

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