Monday, November 8

I have a lot of problems...

And they all begin with this guy:

(this is his current favorite face to make...he sucks in his bottom lip...
makes him look like a cute goofball)

Problem A
I cannot stop kissing his cheeks. I physically cannot. Whenever I lay him down for a nap I must kiss them at least 5 times each before I leave the room, or I will die. I'm sure of it.

Problem B
I need to tickle these fat chunky thighs and watch the laughing ensue. It's a need at the base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs triangle. I'm sure of it.
Problem C
His smile melts my heart. It is a problem when your heart is a puddle on the ground.

Problem D
His snuggles are too perfect. At night, after he's eaten, I should lay him down. But he snuggles up on my shoulder and falls asleep. His head is just the perfect round shape for me to run my hand over and over and over. And then I imagine all the little babies in the world that don't have mommies to do that to their heads, or to snuggle them late in the night, and it makes me sad--so I snuggle him for another 10 minutes. Then I imagine all the mommies in the world who don't have a babies head to fit perfectly in their palm and it makes me sad, so I snuggle him for another 20 minutes. All this is making me very sleepy, but I can't stop. If I do, I will die. I'm sure of it.

Problem E
This is the worst problem of them all. He is 5 months old and it feels as though I had him yesterday. He's growing up too fast and there's nothing I can do about it. Just this weekend he started rolling from back to front (on purpose), and pretty soon he'll be moving all over the house. Then he'll be running. Then off to school. Then off to college and a mission. And I will die--I'm sure of it.

In conclusion, I am in major love with this little dude. I am left defenseless against his persuasive baby ways, and he gets whatever he wants. Fortunately he isn't too demanding (part of his charm??) so there is part of me left to share with everyone else.

p.s. I'm beginning to think he looks more like my side of the family than Jeremy's, unlike the other two. Any thoughts?


Ashley said...

This is so cute! But I would have to say the truth comes out at the very end! The real reason you love him so much is that he doesn't look like our family! Haha just kidding! He is absolutely ADORABLE, and we love him!

Jessica M said...

What a wonderful happy post. Your problems sound a lot like mine. When my baby turns one, I feel sure I will cry my eyes out.

Rachel said...

I have to say that his smile looks exactly likes Jeremy's. Well would if the cheeks weren't so chubby. But that is why it melts your heart every time.

BroncosRule said...

He is such a cute baby!

Darla said...

Oh my heavens, this baby is perfect. So round and happy. I never had chunky babies. Look at those thighs! I love those thighs!!