Wednesday, September 22


Today Alexis came home with a little slip of paper. A boy in her class, a fellow bug club member, had written down his phone number for her, so she can call him to play. She's not big into getting her picture taken anymore these days, which explains the following picture.

I'm not sure if you can read that, but it says "80149825". I told her that unfortunately we wouldn't be able to call him because he was missing a few numbers, I assumed it was the last few.

A few minutes later this same boy called our house. Apparently Alexis successfully wrote down her phone number for him. I compared the number on my phone to the one he had written--he wrote down all the correct numbers but just missed a few from somewhere in the middle. You've got to love 6 year olds!

And you've got to love this chunky, hunky 16 week old baby. He happens to be the best baby there ever was. He doesn't have the greatest hair, but he makes up for what he lacks on top by having the most squeezable thighs you'll ever see.

And I just thought this picture was funny.

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