Friday, September 17

a few things, of late

1. Alexis is in a bug club at school, with meetings held during recess. As the clubs solitary female member it is her job to find the bugs a good home--though I'm not sure what's wrong with their current home. Also, every time she says "bug club" I think she's saying "book club" and my first reaction is to say, "oh, what book are you reading?"

2. My right eyebrow sits just a tiny bit higher on my face than my left. As a result my glasses never look like they are sitting straight on my face. Thanks to the lady at the vision center for bringing this to my attention.

3. Yesterday I learned that if your baby poops while sitting in a bumbo, there is nowhere for the poop to go but up. And if your baby is wearing a onesie, it traps the poop so it makes a pocket of squishy poop in the middle of the baby's back at the top of the diaper. You are welcome for that visual.

4. If you take the training wheels off Tyler's bike he will become very familiar with the ground, only because he likes to go very fast and he's really bad at using his brakes. But when he's not falling, he's awesome at riding a two wheeler!

5. At 43 1/2", Alexis is the shortest kid in her class. The average seems to be about 47", with the tallest kid being 51". I tried to help her feel better about being the shortest by reminding her of people she looks up to (hardy har har) and thinks are cool, but who are also short (Hi Aunt Tricia!!). However, they are all still taller than her, so I'm not sure it worked.

6. Our trusty old Geo reached 200,000 miles today. And it needs to keep on being trusty for awhile longer, so lets hope it does. It's not the prettiest car, but it's always been extremely reliable and gets killer gas mileage, so I'm going to say that buying it 5 1/2 years ago for $700 was one of the smartest moves we ever made.
Jeremy pulled over and took this picture with his phone. Just think, when that Geo was made cell phones were rare, and I'm sure no one ever thought about putting a camera in one! What changes that car has seen over his lifetime.


Scooby and Jon said...

My left ear and right ear sit at different levels, so my glasses generally look crooked as well. Thanks to the person who pierced my ears for pointing that one out.

Krissy said...

So glad there are others in the world with crooked eyebrows. I've always been self-conscious of mine- especially while wearing sunglasses. I've recently purchased a pair of larger sunglasses that cover my eyebrows. I don't think that this same thing would work for regular glasses, however. Sorry. Also, thanks for the heads-up on the bumbo poop situation. Avoiding blow-outs with this new one would be preferable.

Darla said...

ANother GREAT post. You're a such the jokester (did you type this up REAL late?).