Thursday, September 23

Thankful Thursdays

Fat babies make the best babies. Skinny babies are good too, I once had one of those and I loved it, but fat babies are the most delicious looking babies you will ever see.

Babies so fat, they have rolls in places you never thought rolls were possible. Like the middle of their calves.

Babies so fat, you can't even tell they have a diaper on.

Babies so fat, their stomachs hold them up into a sitting position.

Babies so fat, they're happy!

If you are in need of squeezing a fat baby, I've got one I'll share--come on over.


Reynolds Family said...

Oh, I am SO in need of squeezing a fat baby, especially one this adorable and delicious! ;) Too bad I can't just come on over . . . At least you posted these awesome pictures, they totally made my day.

Scooby and Jon said...

I must come over and squeeze the chubbiness!

Darla said...

I wanna come over!! Look at him!!

blogmom said...

Just browsing and found your blog. Adorable family!

Natalee said...

So cute!! And look at that smile..... gotta see this boy soon. :)