Wednesday, August 25

pictures of my babies, taken today, August twenty-fifth twenty ten

This is my third baby.
Today marks twelve weeks of his life. He's recently found his hands for eating and saves all his best smiles for me. He also happens to be an awesome night time sleeper and in his whole twelve weeks of life I haven't once called my husband, my mother, or a good friend in tears saying "this baby won't stop crying" or "this baby just won't sleep!". And that is considered a miracle in my book.

This is my second baby.
Currently the middle child, as evidenced by the fact that I'm only posting one photo of him and two of the other children. Today he is wandering around like a lost puppy, unsure of what to do with himself. We played several games of "Go Spidey" (which is "go fish" with spiderman cards, of course) and when he was counting his matches he counted all the way up to eleventeen. Where do you suppose eleventeen falls in numerical order?

And this is my first baby.

She is the one that is tugging the hardest on my heartstrings today. Despite my best efforts she went to 1st grade today. She was nervous, but once she got her backpack on and we started the walk to the school the nerves seemed to dissipate. I was sad to see her go and I've spent all morning asking whoever will listen if they think Alexis is having fun, or if she's made a new friend, or if she found someone to sit by at lunch. It's scary to be a mom and send your still small child out into a big school on their own for 6+ hours. But we've armed her with all we know how. She's confident, she knows she's good at making friends, she's smart, and she's one of the best readers you've ever seen in a 6 year old--I think she'll be okay. The real question is, how will the rest of us do without her everyday?

The upside of this is that my house will stay a little cleaner--she is by far the messiest kid I have. The Queen of the "drop it where I am and never give it a second thought" way of living. Now that is her teachers problem for half the day.


Krissy said...

So crazy that you have a first grader! She is amazing and will have a great year, and Brea and I are always around to help keep Ty-guy entertained!

Reynolds Family said...

Oh, Alexis looks so beautiful and (though you probably don't want to hear it) so grown up! How did you do that to the 2nd to last picture - it looks AWESOME!

And I love Ty-guy's face in his picture! ;)

Rachel & Todd said...

lol...middle child syndrome- sad, but true! :) Your kids are ADORABLE! I miss the VT days together and having Alexis crack me up with her questions, what a funny girl she is.