Tuesday, August 31


It turns out Tyler is really gullible. This of course means that I have lots of fun feeding him all sorts of "lies" throughout the day. I realize that probably isn't something a good parent would do, but it's too much fun and I just can't help myself. This is the conversation we had this morning. He came into our room and woke us up and after a few minutes he said,

"Mom, is Ryan still sleeping?"

me: "no, he's downstairs playing with a few of his friends. Katelyn and Tanner are over and I think they are playing with toys."

He thinks about this for a minute and then starts to go downstairs. This is remarkable because for some reason he refuses to go downstairs by himself in the morning. He'll whine at the side of my bed for an hour if I don't get up and come down here with him.

He comes back up a minute later and said "He's not down there."

me: "Uh-oh. I don't know where he is then. Oh, I know, I bet they went out in the sandbox to play." Remember, Ryan is 3 months old.

Tyler again goes downstairs to check. "He's not out there either mom."

me: "Oh shoot, I've lost him and his friends? I'm in trouble."

Jeremy: "I bet he went on a bike ride. I think he rode your bike Tyler."

me: "Oh yeah, yesterday he asked me if he could ride your bike."

Tyler: "He did? What did you tell him?"

me: "I told him he had to ask you. Maybe that's why he took it while you were sleeping."

Then Tyler comes downstairs AGAIN and checks in the garage to see if his bike was missing. At this point I turn to Jeremy and ask him if Tyler is messing with us too, or if he really thinks Ryan may have taken his bike for a ride. We can't tell.

He came back up and told us that his bike was still there so we suggested maybe Ryan was at the park. Finally Tyler says, "I think maybe he's still sleeping. Can I go check?" And would you believe it? Ryan WAS still sleeping--you can imagine my relief!


Cindy said...

You guys just make me laugh!!! Tyler, sweet, innocent, and so gullible! I could just hug him!!!

Amy said...

Hilarious! Were you both able to keep a straight face while conning your child? I know I wouldn't be able to!

Jessica Munk said...

I love this! It really is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

so cute!

The Shill Spill said...

You ARE the bestest mommy ever! I think Tyler is a good teaser because of you! :)