Sunday, August 15


Last Friday, late in the evening, I looked at the calendar to check the date: August 13th.


Friday the 13th!

As soon as I made the connection my mind went back six years, when August 13th, 2004 also fell on a Friday. I remember that because I spent many months thinking about when that day would come--it was Alexis' due date. I've learned since then that due dates mean nothing to my body but everything to my mental sanity. My body gladly passes them by, but my mind refuses to let them pass.

6 years ago Friday the 13th came and went with no signs of an arrival in the form of a baby. My stomach was still large. I was having no contractions, making no progress. I had also quit working and had nothing to do to occupy my mind. On Saturday I complained a lot. On Sunday I went to church with a frown on my face because I wasn't supposed to be there, and complained a lot. On Monday I sent Jeremy off to work with a warning to stay by the phone, and complained a lot. On Tuesday still nothing had changed but I had hope in my heart because I was going to see the doctor! He sent me to the hospital for a stress test which revealed that the baby needed to come out, whether she wanted to or not. Unfortunately for all of us, she did not. But finally, on Wednesday, at 9:01 am, she showed her beautiful face. And I stopped complaining.

Every addition to a family alters it and makes an impact, but the first child is always the biggest change. Alexis changed our family in a huge way almost 6 years ago, and she continues to change me every single day.

She is a delight.
She is a challenge.
She is beautiful.
She is smart.
She is kind.
She is talented.
She is a friend.

And this week she turns six years old. It seems like almost every day this summer I've watched her do something and thought to myself, "When did she get so big?" Shes grown up a lot the past few months and I can't believe the changes that have taken place right before my very eyes.

I marvel constantly that something so beautiful came from Jeremy and I. And that I get to be the mother of someone like her. Someone so full of potential and ability and pure awesomeness.

And I hope she's excited about the silly Silly Bandz we got her for her birthday.


Mary said...

My first baby was due on the 13th day of them month too (although it wasn't a Friday that year). I remember fervently hoping that he Would Not be born on his due date :) He wasn't.

Jessica M said...

She is beautiful!

Ashley said...

oh those silly bands! i am just about ready to ban them from my classroom! i even told my students that today! haha they will not stop playing with them!

Darla said...

She IS beautiful! I love her hair in this pic. So cute!