Wednesday, January 6

writing practice

Alexis, like any 5 year old kindergartner, is really into writing. She's getting a lot better at it and knows how to spell quite a few words by herself. She also likes to attempt to spell words and then ask later if she's spelled them correctly. Finding her hand written notes around the house is one of my new favorite things.

One day at the beginning of the school year I let her ride her bike to school and lock it up. This was a mistake because a lot of tears were shed and it took us approximately an hour to get to school, when a normal walk is about 7 minutes. Anyway, before going she made a sign for her bike to ensure that no one would take it, and then taped it to her bike.
It says, "Alexis nobody take my bike bike". And I'm fairly certain the rainbow stripes on the sign let everyone know that she meant business and was not a person they wanted to mess with.

This next one I found laying across our pillows just last week. It's very sweet, and she wrote it all by herself. The other side is a series of colorful hearts.
It says "I love you mom and dad love alexiS".

And this last one I will keep forever and is currently sitting on my kitchen counter to bring a smile to my face whenever I pass it. She wrote a thank-you note to our neighbor Bob who brought us some Christmas presents. She never actually finished the thank-you note inside the envelope, so that's one reason we won't be taking it to him. The other is because on the envelope Alexis attempted to spell his name by herself first, and then asked me how to spell it. This is an instance I'm grateful for her independence because the results are hilarious to me. See for yourself:

This note is mine to keep because I'm guessing a 70 year old man would not appreciate being called a Boob.


Amy said...

That's hilarious!!! Thanks, Alexis for making me laugh! I bet she will just love it when you show her that note about 10 years from now!

Krissy said...

I am totally mad at Alexis right now. I'm REALLY sure that next time I see Bob I will call him Boob. Thanks a lot.

The Shill Spill said...

AND I could NOT stop laughing...all the way home! :) Hahahahah!

Rachel & Todd said...

Love it. I needed a laugh.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! that's so cute.

Lindsey said...

So stinking cute!!! Kids are great! They may push us to our outer limits, but then they do things like this and remind us again and again why they are so wonderful.

Ashley said...

if i ever have a bad day, i will come back and read this post over and over again! hahahaha