Monday, January 11

do you get the blues?

Sometimes I just marvel at the color of Alexis' hair. Isn't it gorgeous?

Anyway, that's not what I was going to talk about. The winter blues have set in. BIG TIME. That's what I was going to talk about. I really hate January. Like, really, really, really, with a passion. I've been looking at the January calendar hanging on my wall, and it seems so big. Why does it have to have 31 days in it? And the really unfair part is that this year there are 5 Sundays in January! That is a long month. Don't try and tell me that it's just as long as July, because I know it's not true. There are only 4 Sundays in July this year, so there--I think I've proved my point. And that is, that January is worth hating.

Friday was a bad day. A no-good, very bad day. A day that made me cry. And Jeremy said "What do you need?"* And I said, "I don't know, I don't know what's wrong with me." And he said, "You are pregnant and it's the winter". He gets it. Well, I don't know if he gets it, but he pretends like he does and he knows it's coming. My soul needs the sunshine and the warmth. I dream about summer daily, which is really not helping my cause. I dream about days when I can do this:
(Can you tell I'm pregnant in this picture? With the T-man.)

or this:(Can you tell she's rolling down a hill? A sequence of pictures would be helpful.)

or this:(Can you tell we're roasting hot dogs in the canyon?)

and we can't forget about this:
(I think I talk enough about this that you can tell what he's doing)

We do summer right, let me tell you. But I have not figured out how to do winter right.

Anyway, Friday was the kind of day where I could just not get past myself. Myself was preventing me from doing anything productive. I had bread to make. I had laundry to fold. I had kids to play with. But I couldn't do any of it. When the winter blues hit me I don't get all depressed like, "Oh man, my life sucks. I hate everything, woe is me." Nope, I'm not the negative thoughts type. I'm more the blob type. That means I pick a spot and sit there, blob like, thinking about all the things I should do. Eventually something compels me to move, usually a child, and then 2 minutes later I pick another spot and become blob-like again, for as long as possible. And the day goes on like that. Myself gets in my way. It would almost be funny if it weren't for the fact that it isn't funny.

So what I have to do is this: Plan something. Anything. And do it in advance. If my calendar says I have to be at the post office at 10 am to mail something, I will be there. (I don't actually write stuff like that on my calendar.) Which means I have to get dressed. I have to get kids dressed, and I have to LEAVE MY HOUSE. So this week, stuff is planned--except for Friday. I better come up with something.

Also, what I have to do is take full advantage of any sunshine I see. If the sun is streaming in and resting on my couch, I must stop whatever I'm doing (even if it's being a blob) and soak in the sun for as long as it stays. That is a rule I have for myself in the winter. My brain requires sunshine as much as it requires sleep.

And also, I need to stop looking at pictures from the summer.

Finally, I need to blog more. The rambling makes me feel better, and there's only so much rambling I should subject Jeremy to.

So there you go--my ridiculous tips for surviving winter. Don't worry about me--we will make it through. Summer always comes back. And then all will be right with the world again.

Now, what should I make for dinner?

*Turns out, what I needed was a bath and a quick read of Shannon Hale's "Book of a Thousand Days". Have you read that book? You need to.


Rachel & Todd said...

I have to agree Lisa..January sucks. I have been in "blob-mode" since I have been home (7 days now) I started thinking I was coming down with something, but no, its just being January sick. Tomorrow I am going to lay in a tanning bed (I pretend I'm on some remote island) and absorb as much fake sun as I can in those heavenly 15 minutes. BTW...Im coming back AGAIN! Hopefully I will see you at the end of January. Ciao!

Tricia and Aaron said... could always come visit us for a weekend. 65 know you want to.

Jessica Munk said...

Hey, Lisa. I totally know that feeling, I have spent many a days like that. Especially, being pregnant! Its a double whammy this year for you. I am trying to plan things in this month too, and February too. Come over on Friday! We don't have any plans. Bring the kiddos and have lunch with me and the boys, and hang out for a bit! Seriously though, does 12p sound ok? I will email you directions :)

Mary said...

I definitely know what you mean. The only thing preventing me from being a "blob" right now is that I have 3 birthday gatherings for my daughter this week to plan for and prepare for (and clean the house for). Next week, however, I'm in trouble. If I had unlimited funds I'd plan a trip to Hawaii every year at this time. That tanning bed comment sounds nice - maybe I'll try that due to my non-unlimited funds.
Oh and I have read Book of a Thousand Days and I also loved it.(Josh actually bought a signed copy for me.) We must have the same taste in books :)
Clearly, I needed to ramble too.

Jeff Krebs said...

I can't even express to you how much this hit home for me. At least I know that I am not alone:) Good luck with Friday!

Karen said...

I'm the blob type, too. Only it's not only in January! :)
I hope keeping busy will help, and that you can find enough to keep you busy!

Krissy said...

You can always put me and Brea on your calendar for Friday! Maybe we can do the dino museum with Ty-guy and Brea???

Shelise said...

I swear I didn't copy your blog, mine isn't near as well written, creative, or fun to read but I pretty much said the same thing as you. Maybe we could get together. I love to lay on the couch when the sun shines in too. I do it all the time. I can't wait for Feb. 5. I really hope you come early even if it is just to play. See ya.

shellybellybee said...

ooooooh. I just read that book on Monday! I loved it to the point where I might go read it again, like right now. And I know what you mean about being a blob, and I understand about winter. Want to go to Park city and get out of the haze? Sometimes that helps me.

Adam and Rachael said...

January is pretty much a ridiculous month. I have to 100% agree. I looked at the calendar today and thought...we're really not even half way through it yet? And then I noticed- I do put that I have to go to the post office on my calendar. Kind of sad.

Becky said...

I wish I read your blog post earlier in the week, I had a horrible day yesterday and I cried and I'm not even pregnant. I wish I had planned something for that day to get me out of the house and I should have called you :) I hate winter too. Especially after Christmas is over.