Wednesday, January 13

tea parties and other girly things

We got a new (to us) computer a little while ago and everything is all changed around. I was going to write a whole thing about how I'm kind of dumb and can't remember how to do things unless I've done them a thousand times. But, long story short, I have to upload the pictures off my camera onto the computer in a different way so now I hardly ever do it. I just wait for Jeremy to have time to do it for me, but that's like waiting for Tyler to remember he used to love naps and that they are indeed fun.

So this morning I summoned the courage to plug the camera in and pull the pictures off it. That's when I came across these pictures I took last week. The kids were having a "tea party".

There are three cups out, and if you look at the left side of this picture you'll see who the third guest is.

Alexis had taken a picture of Jeremy that I keep on my nightstand, (is that weird that I have a picture of him on my nightstand when he sleeps right next to me?) and poured him a cup of "tea" so that they could have a tea party with daddy.

It's a good thing they are creative because I'm fairly certain that's the closest Jeremy will ever come to having a tea party with them. Tea parties are boring, and I only do them occasionally because I have a guilty mother's conscience. Jeremy is not burdened with the same.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing right by Tyler. He plays a lot of "girly" games with Alexis, and his new favorite movie is Barbie Fairytopia. He even cried the other day because he wanted to watch that and Alexis wanted to watch something else. (Someday he'll hate me for telling everybody that.) But he very much loves dinosaurs and cars and wrestling, and I've never seen him dress up in Alexis' clothes.
Voluntarily, I mean.


Adam and Rachael said...

I love the pictures!! Hehehe. Someday those will be yearbook worthy pictures. :)

Cindy said...

Oh Lisa, you make me laugh!!!
You're great!

Anonymous said...

notice how tyler's shirt says "but mom said it was ok." we know who to blame!

Karly said...

He's going to love having these pictures when he's older. :) They are too cute!!

Mary said...

I have heard of Fancy Nancy but must admit that we have never read the books at our house.
My last pregnancy was by far my worst. I had never even really had heartburn with my other three pregnancies - but it was TERRIBLE with Nathan. I also had horrible swelling of the ankles and feet (didn't have with the others), difficulty breathing, light headedness and I even passed out a few times. Someone told me that they heard that each pregnancy gets easier and I started laughing. Not at all the case with me! (Not trying to scare you or anything :) ). I say that the bigger the baby the worse the pregnancy - at least in my case.

Anonymous said...

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