Saturday, January 16


If you have a little girl, you probably know about the Fancy Nancy books. We discovered them this month and I think there's no going back for Alexis. Nothing will ever compare to Nancy. And I actually like them too! Fancy Nancy teaches Alexis everything her soul has ever desired to know that I simply can't teach. She teaches about accessories, about how to walk fancy, how to talk fancy, how to decorate your room--basically things any girly girl needs to know. And from what I've seen they never even mention make-up!

This morning while I was gone Alexis got the idea to dress up Fancy Nancy style. Jeremy snapped a few pictures so I could see when I got home.

Please note: the gloves, the fan, the purse, the shirts with the fun prints, the feather duster, the feather boa, the crown, the multiple skirts and the high heels. I think Fancy Nancy would be proud!


Everything about this pregnancy has been magnified many times compared to my previous pregnancies, so I shouldn't be surprised that acid indigestion appears to be no different.

A few weeks ago I told Jeremy that I was getting far enough along that I'll probably start having heartburn and indigestion--something I never experience when not pregnant. Two nights later I had the worst case I've ever experienced and it kept me up late since laying down only aggravates the problem. And now, just this week, the indigestion has showed up permanently. It may be my constant companion these remaining months. I'm going to be the lady that carries tums in her purse.

Also, I'm guessing that I've got about a week left of stomach sleeping before it gets too painful--that will be a sad day. I LOVE sleeping on my stomach.

And lastly, I have my ultrasound appointment in two weeks where hopefully we'll get to figure out the sex of this little baby. I'm rooting for a girl but am just thrilled about this baby either way. Alexis is now on Team Girl, but Tyler has been waffling. Last I heard he wanted a girl--or gill, as he pronounces it. And Jeremy...who knows? If you can get him to have an opinion on it then I'll know you can perform some sort of voodoo magic. I much prefer him opinion less, that way he can't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

alexis is so gorgeous.

Natalee said...

We love Fancy Nancy books too! Alexis is beyond cute. Your blogs always make me smile! Good luck with the heart burn that's the worst. I took a liquid calcium supplement and that seemed to help me. Can't wait to hear about you're ultrasound!!

Karly said...

I love the dress up pics. And I love that Jeremy took them while you were gone so you could see them. Can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl! And let me know how those tums work. I've had it bad the past 3 weeks and I always get the worst after taste from everything I eat that makes me throw up even more. I haven't tried tums though - nothing else I tried worked so I gave up. So let me know how you do with them! Good luck and hope you get it under control!

sra gull lights said...

We love those books!

Lindsey said...

Good heads up on the Fancy Nancy books! They sound so cute! I'm a stomach sleeper too and so whenever I would think maybe it was time for an addition (past tense of course) I would weigh that as a serious consideration. Good luck with it all! :)

Anonymous said...

that is so cute! love the duster!

Jessica M said...

Love Fancy Nancy! Alexis looks perfect. And sorry about the heartburn, I only experience when I'm pregnant and it is awful!! I burn with you.