Tuesday, January 19

Vit C

Yesterday we had our first sick day of the winter. Since about October I've been pumping us all full of Vitamin C, hoping it would make us immune to sicknesses. Apparently it doesn't, but I'd say that since it's nearing the end of January (finally!) and this is the first time any of us have gotten sick, that the Vitamin C has been pretty successful. Especially considering all the germs a certain someone drags home from kindergarten everyday.

Today is our recovery day. Alexis and I are all better, Tyler still has a scratchy throat but no more fevers. And it feels good to wash all the sheets and blankets, brush our teeth, shower and rid ourselves of that sick feeling.

And by the way, thank goodness for moms. Really, I'd be up a creek without a paddle if it weren't for my mom. I'd say the best part about growing up is learning to really appreciate my parents. Hopefully someday I'll do the things for my kids that my mom and dad do for me.

Also, my three year old can dribble between his legs, it happens about 20 seconds in to this video. We signed him up for what they call itty-bitty basketball, mostly for something to do. He spends the majority of the time walking around either with his hands down his pants or his finger up his nose. But when he gets the ball he gives it all he's got! He's the short one in the blue shorts and white shirt.

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Anonymous said...

i know he can hussle much better than that, but those people sure know how to ruin bb fun.