Monday, January 25

a lot of nothing

Last week, in my silly ignorance, I wrote that we were recovering from our sicknesses. I recovered but the kids can't seem to make up their minds--one day they're sick, the next they're just fine. They like to keep me guessing--and up at night with their coughing. Thanks to this I was reminded of the fact that newborns wake up A LOT during the night to eat. I had forgotten that, and am thrilled to be reminded, as you can imagine.

Because of all the sickness, and the accompanying whining, last week was a LONG week! I don't like to blog when I'm having a LONG (translation: bad) week because who wants to read that, right? And then Alexis woke up this morning all sick again. So I imagine this week might not be much better. And it's STILL January!

But just for fun I pulled out the camera and realized that we did do a few things last week worth mentioning. The majority of it was documented by Alexis, which means I have about 45 pictures of each event, most of them blurry. No offense to Alexis, but she should look into taking a photography class or something.

First, Tyler finished basketball. What a relief, because he mostly hated it. He's under that parachute somewhere, trust me. Photo courtesy of Alexis.

Next, we went to the Dinosaur Museum with the cutest 2 year old girl currently walking the earth. And if you've ever spent 2 minutes with her, you would agree.

Then we finished our week off with a minor head wound. Tyler's head met the corner of the entertainment center. Thankfully it happened just minutes after Jeremy got home from work because do you know what I do when I see blood? Nothing helpful, that's what. I hope this picture doesn't gross anyone out--it wasn't too deep. Jeremy took it so he could show Tyler what his head looked like.

Then on Sunday afternoon Alexis asked to take a few pictures of her doll, Sylvia. A few to her means about 60. I like this one because you can see her in the reflection from the TV, along with Tyler who's waiting for his turn to take pictures.
Then he decided to start posing with the dolls.

Now we have a close-up of Sharpay (the girl from High School Musical?), Sylvia & Ken. Nudity and blood in one post--I think I may have to put a content warning on this blog.
Next it was Tyler's turn with the camera, and he captured these works of art:

I think I'll call this one "Plate on Couch, with Arm"

And this one shows the fine electronics we have at our house. And the entertainment center--Tyler's nemesis. Yes, that is a VCR. And a PlayStation that gets played approximately once a year.

And then there's the top of Jeremy's head.

Which I guess is when Jeremy turned the camera on Tyler's sweet little face. Very dry, but sweet. See me in the back, soaking up the sunshine??

Picking my split ends, that's what I do.

That and referee fights--of which there are many lately. Really, it's got to be some sort of cruel joke that it is STILL JANUARY.

You know it's bad when you look forward to your mom coming over to babysit so you can go to the grocery store alone. THE GROCERY STORE! ALONE! It should be illegal to have that much fun.


Reynolds Family said...

Oh, I just love hearing from you! :) I could read your writing about your life all day long, seriously! I can't wait to hear what gender that little baby is - you better post it quickly or you might start getting annoying phone calls from me. ;)

pfabulouspfun-der said...

I always knew that Sharpay was a slut!

Sorry couldn't resist. Have I ever told you about a high school teacher of mine making a comment to me about how much I pick at my split ends?

Anonymous said...

but it wasn't a just a grocery store--it was smith's market place!!!

In My Head said...

You know I always believed that there is someone out there living the same life as me....and now I know its true. I get excited when I get to go to the library by myself. :)

Krissy said...

She is a pretty cute 2 year old, but we certainly feel the same way about your 2 little cuties. Ps- they can borrow Brea's kid tough pink digital camera anytime!