Wednesday, January 27

turn that frown upside down

Last night was a long night. I had a raging case of heartburn that kept me up late, then a few hours later Tyler started puking and kept at it every 20 minutes for the next several hours. During that my indigestion kicked up again, and this morning I'm feeling very nauseous because I forgot to take my half of a unisom last night. Doesn't my body know it's 21 weeks now, it can cut out the nausea?

But this morning my brother sent me a text that said "I love Cole on Scrubs". So this morning I watched last night's episode of Hulu and was reminded how much I love Cole too. It's lifted my tired spirits this morning, so I bring you my list of things that are making me smile today.

1. Cole, from Scrubs.
2. The fact that my kids have apparently called a truce on the fighting they've been doing for the last week and have resumed their normal happy play.
3. Tyler is no longer puking.
4. Jeremy. He's just plain awesome--and an especially awesome dad. And I like to think about him trying to not puke while dealing with Tyler's.
5. My clean kitchen.
6. My clean living room (that's probably where the list of clean rooms ends).
7. My ultrasound tomorrow. Any gender guesses? Offer them now. I'm thinking boy, but my guesses are never right. I think my mother's intuition doesn't work until they come out--and even then it's spotty.
8. Repeat listenings of 10,000 Maniacs Live version of "Because the Night".

What's making you smile today?


Scooby and Jon said...

I'm sorry, that sounds like a totally not awesome night!
I'm going to guess girl. Because I think boy, but my mothers intuition sucks as well (see: twins. Seriously? MI couldn't warn me?)
I hope your body figures out that you're supposed to feel better in the second tri. and soon.

Mary said...

There must be something in the air or water. Abby also woke up throwing up last night. But now she seems just fine. I had to miss out on volunteering in Darren's class today (which I love to do) and I have spent the morning going through the budget and bills. So I do not much feel like smiling today. There is nothing more depressing than that, lately.

But Josh is flexing today so I'll be smiling soon. Good luck with the ultrasound!

Cindy said...

YOU make me smile!!!
Especially because I can see Jeremy gagging while Tyler's puking!!
I'm voting for a girl!

Dorothy said...

I'm thinking this one will be neither boy nor girl, or maybe both. Can't wait to find out! And as for what is making me smile today I'll have to go with the valentine craft ideas spinning around in my head, or the fun with appliance boxes I plan to have with my sister and nephews this weekend.

Dorothy said...

Oh, and by "both" I didn't mean a boy and a girl as in twins, I meant one child who is both genders. Just wanted to be clear on that.