Monday, January 4

I hate January

This week is going to be a tough one...I can tell already. Back to a regular schedule, back to reality, back to never seeing Jeremy. And to top it all off, the snow and cold are still here! And will be for awhile, I suppose.

And I think I have a cold. A little baby one, but still, my head feels puffy. And I'm finally admitting it--I've been in denial for a few days.

So far this morning I've been having one of those days where I wonder why I made the decision to have a third child. What was I thinking? Tyler is in the throes of three-year-oldness. Which means he won't do anything you ask him to do. He won't do anything you demand him to do. And he won't do anything you threaten him to do. Also he seems to have a constant bad attitude, and he talks like a baby all day long. As in, he uses a really annoying baby voice that I can't understand. I don't get it. To top it all off, he is bored at home, but fights me whenever I try to take him anywhere. Oh three-year-olds, why can't you make any sense?

And then there is Alexis. She wanted to wear her wedding dress to school today because she wants to be a snow princess. Then she wanted to wear her denim skirt over her denim pants because "SNOW PRINCESSES DO NOT WEAR PANTS!!!". Then she wanted to wear a crown to school. Then she wanted to wear a veil. And with each new thing came ten minutes of arguing. I am not exaggerating. The girl DOES NOT listen, and I'm stumped about how to fix that.

It's been one of those days (or past few days) where I just stand there scratching my head thinking to myself, "yup, you're failing". I'm 50% convinced that I'm not actually failing as a parent, but sometimes it just really feels like it.

On a more positive note, I finally got a few pictures of our Christmas morning at my in-laws.

Waiting to see if Santa came


J and I made Alexis a craft box that holds all sorts of supplies since she loves to sit at the table and create. This is also a present for me because she won't be asking me for her scissors every 10 minutes. I thought she might not be too excited about this, but it turns out it was her favorite present!! See, I guess I'm not failing...
Hopefully more Christmas pictures will be coming soon. I hope the rest of you are having a better Monday than me!


Coates Family said...

I feel you about parenting. Brad and I had this conversation about Aubrie too. I KNOW she hears me, she just couldn't care less what I have to say...ever. All we can do is hold out hope that someday they will get better at it. Even if it's just a little better.

Scooby and Jon said...

I think you should treat yourself to a new spool of thread.

Queen Bee said...

I totally here you on the "what was I thinking" part! My three yr old sometimes amazes me at how ornery and ridiculous he can be. And I think, how am I supposed to deal with him and have a new little one in 6 weeks! AHHH! Anyway, hang in there. I will too :) And some day I won't be able to imagine life without Baby boy #3 (he still needs a name....)

Mary said...

I can relate to teh title of your post, but it's February that really gets to me. In January I have my daughter's birthday and new fresh goals to keep me busy. But in February you can feel that spring is so close - yet it is still so far away with all of the snow and yucky inversion weather. If I could move to Arizona or San Diego just for the month of Feburary I would be happy!

Adam and Rachael said...

I can totally sympathize on the 3 year old nonsense!! It's the terrible 2's and then the HORRIBLE 3's!! :) But, then they start to get better, I promise. I am excited for Ashton to turn 4 in April. :) Come on April!