Monday, December 28


I know you think I'm going to post about Christmas, so I'll tell you right now, I'm not. At least I don't intend to, but you never quite know what will slip out. I'm not intending to talk about Christmas right now because I don't have any pictures...yet. All pictures were taken with other people's camera's, for which I blame my pregnancy brain and my laziness. And what's a Christmas post without pictures? So, moving on...

I've been thinking about goals lately. Blah blah, who isn't, right? It's time for resolutions, which is really just a fancy word for goals. But I cannot make year resolutions because they just don't happen for me. In fact, I would like to meet someone who actually makes a New Year's resolution and then sticks with it and accomplishes it. Please tell me if you have, I'm very interested in hearing about it.

If I were required to make a New Year's resolution for this year I would say, "This year I will give birth". That's the only one I'd set because I know that whether I like it or not, it will happen. This baby can't stay in there forever.

Anyway, because I've done so much of "nothing" lately, and because I'm starting to feel much better, I have the desire to do "something". And because I've gotten in the habit of laziness over the past few months, I know I need goals to get me moving again. But I'm only setting them on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily.

This week's goal is to exercise! Oh does my body need it. And oh is it going to be the lamest exercising I've ever done. My goal is to walk on the treadmill three mornings this week, for half an hour each time. And I don't anticipate the pace to be very strenuous. In fact, I'm fairly certain my older neighbor lady who power walks around the church parking lot several times a week will be walking faster than me. But I've got to start somewhere right?

Speaking of old ladies, I got two things for Christmas that I'm very excited about. A sewing machine and a lamp for my sewing table. A SEWING MACHINE (more on that later) and A LAMP! And I'm excited! Am I getting old or what?

Geez, there's Christmas slipping in.

Anyway, so my goal for the week is to exercise. And get the pictures from Christmas. And go to the most horrible place on earth (AKA Walmart) to return a gift. And clean my house. Those are my goals. But the only one I'm really serious about is the exercising.

I'll report back later--if I can remember to. Pregnancy brain, it's a real thing.

p.s. I meant to address this in the beginning, but you know, pregnancy brain. We got a new (to us) computer, and so hopefully all my computer woes are solved! One more thing to add on the list of signs that I'm surrounded by generous people. Really, why am I so blessed?

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Anonymous said...

you're so blessed because you bless so many other lives.