Thursday, December 24

christmas miracle

Surprise!! I'm alive! I know my blogging has seriously slowed down, and I apologize to those of you that care. Someday I'll pick it up again, I promise. But probably not too soon because my computer currently won't turn on. How does a person survive without a computer? I know it must be possible, and I suppose I'm going to figure it out soon enough.

But I wanted to get on and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Alexis put out green chocolate chip cookies with red milk, and reindeer food for Santa. Then she wrote a note listing what she wanted and I'm pretty sure she's going to be disappointed. I suppose now is a good time to start believing in Santa again, because I know I didn't get her a Jeep, but maybe he did.

Be back soon!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

You're back to bloggin! Yay!

P.S. My family LOVED the bags you did. Thanks again-they were a hit!! Charlie hasn't gone a night without sleeping with his and it sounds like my nieces and nephews are doing the same thing. :)