Wednesday, December 16

pay it forward

Here is the truth about my life these days: I do nothing. Nothing. Nothingnothingnothing. (Other than the bare necessities, you know).

So if you think there's a good excuse for me not blogging more often, does being busy doing nothing, count? Also my computer only turns on occasionally, it's being fickle.

But it's on now, and I still can't think of anything to blog about. That happens when you do nothing.

I suppose I don't technically do "nothing", the kids are alive and functioning, most of the Christmas shopping is done, and dinner sometimes gets cooked. But other than that, I do nothing. I don't call people, I don't visit people (I'm amazed I still have friends), I don't clean a whole lot, and I only go grocery shopping when I have no other choice.

But doing all this nothing has given me time to think about life and realize how blessed I am. There are a lot of you out there who care about me and my little family, and that is a blessing--especially when you show it. Services are performed for me that range from cleaning my house to calling and asking how I'm feeling, and they aren't services that I can repay. But the people doing them are not expecting that anyway. I have always been a big believer in the "paying it forward" philosophy. And when I'm done being busy doing nothing, I plan to do exactly that: pay it forward.

Doing nothing also includes not sending out a Christmas card this year, so if you are looking for it, you might as well stop. This is a more low-key Christmas for us, and I've loved it. Most especially I love reflecting on why we celebrate this time of year. I love thinking about that tiny little baby Jesus, what an important being in such a humble little body. I love to think of the people who got to see him, hold him, and witness to the spirit that surrounded him. Can you imagine if you could have been there? What would your heart feel as you got to look on his sweet little face? That same humble little baby that grew into a perfect man also performed the ultimate service for me when He died on that cross. Because He did that I have the chance to become better, everyday. I have the chance to be with my family forever, and that is the greatest thing I could ever imagine. That blessing is something I could never hope to repay, ever or ever. Fortunately I think He would be happy with the "pay it forward" philosophy as well, so maybe I should end my doing nothing streak now and start paying it forward. What do you think?

Merry Christmas!


Mary said...

I have the opposite problem lately. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off but that nothing is getting done. Your simplified Christmas sounds nice . . . maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

mamahegji here,
i will never need any kind of gift from you ever again. this post, with you beautiful testimony, is the greatest gift i could ever get. (although letting me spend time with your beautiful children is a close second)