Tuesday, December 29

wiping bery good is hard

If you are not a mom, this might seem very weird to you. It might seem weird to you if you are.

Tyler just did the cutest thing. I was sitting here at the computer, doing my thing, while aware that he was using the bathroom. Next thing I hear is a little voice saying, "Did I wipe bery good? Did I mom?" I turn to look at him, only to see him naked from the waist down, bent over and trying to pull his butt cheeks apart for me to check. Did I mention Tyler has the cutest buns? And the way he says "bery" instead of "very" just kills me. I thought it was all so cute...

...until I investigated further to discover that he indeed, did not, wipe "bery" good.

Tell me, are you glad now that I'm blogging more? Or does this entry make you wish I'd stayed away?


Krissy said...

I can totally picture this conversation and I love it.

Amy said...

Gross! But cute! I think all moms have had similar situations, I know I have!

Reynolds Family said...

Ha ha ha!

I'm TOTALLY glad you are back to blogging!

Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

The Shill Spill said...

I love to see you blogging at full force! :)